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The Importance of Having a Platform Solution with Configurable User Interfaces (UI)

SmartSimple’s success is largely attributed to its flexibility in terms of configuration. The SmartSimple platform provides its users with full control over field names and types as well as workflows,notifications and so on; SmartSimple can truly track and manage what matters.

Of course, given that the system is web based and facilitates interactions within and across organizations and individuals, it is clearly beneficial that the look and feel of the SmartSimple platform can also be configured to make sense to the end user’s sensibilities.

There are 3 primary methods to customize the UI of SmartSimple:

1. Portals
By using SmartSimple’s portal tools, you can create user role based portals to provide a simplified UI, in which you by can placing icon short cuts to specific relevant applications and records. For instance, while IT staff may have access to the entire system, executives may only be interested in accessing reports, business intelligence and CRM information. Thus, a port…