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SmartSimple is selected as an Inaugural Partner in Amazon Web Services Government Competency Program

The SmartSimple team is excited to announce that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has selected SmartSimple to their newly launched AWS Government Competency Program. This brand new program includes a number of well-known organizations like Accenture, Trend Micro, Lockheed Martin and Unisys.

Amazon Web Services powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in the cloud. Their customers are located in 190 countries around the world and include a wide array of businesses, including entertainment, travel, manufacturing and IT companies.
The AWS Competency Program recognizes Amazon Partner Network (APN) partners who have shown not only a high level of technical proficiency, but a proven track record of customer success in specialized solution areas.
“By achieving recognition in this prestigious program — and as the only Canadian organization to do so for Government Competency — SmartSimple has demonstrated we’re an organization that offers mission-critical solutions to government agencies on AWS, a…

Trending and Transparency - The State of the Granting Industry

Enter the term “trends in granting” into Google and you’ll get back 38,700,000 results. You’ll find a wide range of documents, including reports from well-respected organizations, blogs written by grantmakers, case studies and fact sheets.

That’s a lot of information, and few have the time to sift through it all. Yet grantmakers need to keep up to date on the latest trends to learn what will be a short-term fad and what’s going to impact how they award funding in the future.

How is the granting space changing? We did some digging ourselves and discovered three major topics of note that all revolve around the predominant theme of transparency in the granting industry.

This is thanks to a range of factors, including the prevalence of smart technology and social media that has lead to the growing use of digital media to share outcomes. This topic is heavily influenced by the millennial generation moving into more senior, decision-making roles. We’re also seeing an increasing focus on more bu…