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SmartSimple is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner

SmartSimple is pleased to announce that we have achieved the prestigious rank of Advanced Technology Partner on the Amazon Partner Network. 
SmartSimple has been using Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as Amazon EC2, to host many of our clients’ SmartSimple systems since 2012. We’ve also taken advantage of Amazon’s GovCloud service to ensure we meet FedRAMP standards for our U.S. government clients.
What does all that mean? To really understand what all these acronyms and terms are all about, let’s start with the basics of what exactly cloud computing is.
Cloud Computing At its most basic level, cloud computing is defined as any computer service hosted over the Internet. Cloud computing enables organizations to use computing resources much as they would any utility – for example electricity – rather than having to build and maintain their own servers. Cloud computing services can be private – using an in-house system for specific internal users only – or public, where a third…

SmartSimple’s Eric Lauer Hits the Road

He may not have roadies or concert t-shirts, but that doesn’t make Eric Lauer’s summer tour any less exciting.
As SmartSimple’s recently appointed Director of Customer Experience, Eric has been reaching out to our clients, touching base to make sure they’re getting the most from their SmartSimple system.
“A big part of this role is taking a much more proactive approach to the customer experience than SmartSimple has in the past,” says Eric. “We’ve been busy working to create an industry leading product, meeting prospective clients and showcasing how we help streamline grants, research and claims management. It’s now time to take a step back and take the pulse of our user community.”
When Eric took on his new role back in January, he wanted to get a read on how people were feeling about their SmartSimple system, features and services. “The first thing I wanted to accomplish in my role was to get a feel for what clients thought about SmartSimple and what their users thought of the pla…

Working Together – The SmartSimple Process Part Two – In the Beginning…

Welcome to the second part of our blog series Working Together – The SmartSimple Process. This series will outline every step of the process from deciding on a new way to administer your granting or claims management practices to the launch of your very own SmartSimple system.
Getting in Touch So you’ve done some research on what software is currently available for your market. Now that you have an idea of what’s available, you want to see the SmartSimple system in action; it’s time to reach out to us a request a demonstration of what our platform can do for you.
Meet Your Account Manager Most likely, the first person you will meet and speak with is a member of our Account Management Team. These are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the vertical markets we support, as well as in cloud based solutions. Your Account Manager will work with you during the entire process, and is your dedicated resource from the start of the implementation process to the launch of your sys…

Getting the Most out of SmartSimple - Webinars

Did you miss our latest webinar in our Getting the Most out of SmartSimple series? Check out the link below to see what you missed on how to get the most out of our Autoloader feature.

Be sure to check out the events page on our website for upcoming webinars this summer.

May Upgrade Video is now Live!

Check out the features brought to you by the SmartSimple team from our May upgrade.

Our next upgrade is scheduled for July, with more enhancements and new features to share - stay tuned!

Making Support Tickets Smarter and Simpler

So you’d like to do something you haven’t tried before in your SmartSimple system, or you have an idea for something you’d like to do but aren’t sure it can be done. You reach out to the great folks on the SmartSimple Support Team, and a ticket is opened to initiate the activities needed to find a solution for you.
Since you can keep track of your tickets on your system, you check and see the status of your ticket is “Open”. But what exactly does that mean? Of course it means someone is working on your question, but exactly what is being done or how it’s being handled may not be clear to you.
We understand that not knowing exactly what’s going on with a query is frustrating – especially when it’s with the system that you and your community use every day. While we can’t always provide immediate answers to every call or email we receive, we can make it easier for you to know exactly what is going on with your ticket and how it’s being handled.
To that end, we’ve expanded the categorie…