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SmartSimple July 2016 Upgrade Highlights

SmartSimple’s July 2016 upgrade takes the Arcadia X user experience to the next level, giving you even more reporting and communications options. We’ve introduced new On-Demand features that bring life to your reports and dashboards. And, our enhanced email offering makes it easier to add contacts and quickly edit your communications based on specific, pre-filtered records already in your platform.

List View Charts (On-Demand Feature) SmartSimple empowers you to create dynamic and impactful charts directly from your current list view without needing to use Report Builder. List View Charts instantly aggregate your data into easy-to-understand, vibrant charts. This flexible new feature requires next to no effort to use, maintaining the current columns and filtering the information you want to share directly from your list view. There’s no need to re-input any details.

Seven descriptive and colorful chart types are available to display your data in a meaningful way. This feature provides…

Four ways Brexit is impacting the nonprofit sector in the UK

With the final results of the Brexit Referendum of 52% to leave the EU and 48% to stay, the majority of UK citizens have voted - albeit by a small margin - to leave the EU. A surprise to many, the result has lead to not only the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, but created a great deal of turmoil in the country, leading to massive speculation about the future.
News articles abound on the impact of Brexit on the automotive industry, energy and climate change, investments, and technology. But what about philanthropy, or, as it’s commonly known in the UK, the third sector? After all, more than 732,000 people are employed in this industry by an estimated 162,000 organizations that spend approximately £38 billion annually on initiatives to assist people in need.

1.Economics and Funding for Philanthropy It’s no surprise that the initial reaction of the global markets was panic; financial institutions never cope well with change. Not only did the pound plunge against the US dollar b…