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Coming Together in Europe - the SmartSimple Community Conference 2016 Dublin

SmartSimple Ireland hosted its third annual Community Conference this past Tuesday at the beautiful Gibson Hotel in Dublin’s city center. Dublin has emerged as Europe’s primary hub for technology where other major players in the industry have also headquartered their European operations, including Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple.  
This year’s conference marked the largest gathering of SmartSimple clients and potential clients in the conference’s history. Many regions of Europe were represented, including attendees from Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France.
The day started with our State of the Nation, sharing what’s new and what’s coming at SmartSimple.
As with SmartSimple’s Spring Community Conference 2016 in North America, the Community Conference 2016 Dublin, provided an opportunity for our European clients to network, meet the SmartSimple team and learn about new product releases and enhancements from SmartSimple experts.  
“These conferences are very im…