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Getting the Most out of SmartSimple - Webinars

Did you miss our first two webinars in our Getting the Most out of SmartSimple series? Check out the links below to see what you missed. Be sure to check out the events page on our website for upcoming webinars in May.

Get Your Data Out of your System and Onto the Map!

One of the biggest challenges our granting clients – and, indeed, many organizations – face, is access to current, reliable data on the web. While many maintain their own databases of statistics, trends, contacts and the like, there’s been no reliable central location where information on who is funding what and where, leading to something akin to a scavenger hunt when looking for details on regional giving. Back in October, 2014, the Forum of Regional Associations of Grant Makers and the Foundation Center came together to create a partnership, aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of grant making through the strategic collection and sharing of data. And thus, Get on the Map was born.                                 Get on the Map’s goal is to create platforms and systems for collecting and translating data into intuitively searchable information via an interactive mapping tool. Specific areas of focus include: ·          Philanthropic Data: Encourage memb

A Very Successful Community Conference!

Mike Reid welcomes our guests. SmartSimple’s 4 th Annual Community Conference took place on Wednesday, April 15 th , and, thanks to our clients, it was a great success. The beautiful conference room at the Cathedral Centre. “What a wonderful day!” says Sarah Harris, Director, Client Support and Operations. “It was so good to see so many familiar faces and so many new faces as well this year. All the sessions were well received, and there were some great conversations. I’d like to thank everyone on the SmartSimple team who helped out for the day, in particular Paul Dimerin, who did most of the organizing for the event.” Eric Lauer talks Versioning. “This was the best turnout we’ve had so far,” adds Paul Dimerin, SmartSimple’s Marketing Coordinator. “The Community Conference is the perfect opportunity for both our clients and our team to put names to faces, and take some time to get to know each other.” Cameron McLean and Keith Yau address the room. The da

Counting Down – The SmartSimple Community Conference is One Week Away!

With just days to go until the 4 th Annual SmartSimple Community Conference, the entire SmartSimple team is gearing up and getting ready for a great day of collaboration, learning and networking. “Our annual community conferences are all about our clients,” says Sarah Harris, Director, Client Support and Operations.  “We really look forward to these events as an opportunity to not only share what we’ve been doing to enhance the SmartSimple experience for our clients and their communities, but an opportunity for us to get the valuable input and feedback that we use to shape the future.” As well as sharing new features and enhancements, this year’s attendees will have the first peak at our new customer care package, rolling out in the next few months. “We’re always looking at new initiatives that improve our relationship with our own community,” continues Sarah, “anyone can create a software package; it takes a special kind of company to acknowledge that it’s people – not techn

The SmartSimple Annual Community Conference – Meet the Presenters

SmartSimple’s 4 th Annual Community Conference in Toronto, Canada, is coming up fast, and we’re glad to see so many of our clients are making the trip to spend the day with us. Getting There Check out our last blog post for full information on how to get to the conference, places to stay and finding parking. Our Annual Conference is a great opportunity for SmartSimple users to interact directly with our team. Not only will we share information on what’s coming for the rest of this year, this event is also a chance for us to hear directly from our clients. “We learn so much at these conferences,” says Sarah Harris, Director, Client Support and Operations. “While we do host these events to share our expertise and knowledge about the future of SmartSimple, we also love hearing directly from our clients about changes in their industries, ideas for future upgrades and get feedback on how recent enhancements are working for them.” So, who will you be hearing from on Apri