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February 2018 Upgrade Highlights

For this month’s upgrade, we focused on making system configuration more efficient, more streamlined and more intuitive to make it easier for you to apply changes. Below is a summary of these exciting updates. 

Watch the video below to review the highlights from the February Upgrade.

24/5 Technical Support Is Coming

Round the clock technical support starting on March 4As we’ve grown our international footprint with clients to support across every continent on the planet, we know that time doesn’t stop when we go to sleep. That’s why we’ve ramped up our technical support to assist our clients with any technical needs they have, at any hour.

Beginning March 4, we’re launching round-the-clock technical support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Our clients will have access to live support during the following hours:

GMT: 9 pm Sunday to 2 am Saturday

EST: 4 pm Sunday to 9 pm Friday

PST: 1 pm Sunday to 6 pm Friday

AEST: 8 am Monday to 1 pm Saturday 

“When you have to burn the midnight oil to get your job done it’s important to know you won’t have to wait till the morning to get answers. You can call us up and talk to a real human being any time of the week, day or night”.— Mike Reid, Co-Founder of SmartSimpleWe take support seriously, which is why we’re pioneering this model as the first in our industry. We’re…

SmartSimple Business Strategy Service

Introducing: SmartSimple Business Strategy ServiceGet your answers and solutions faster We want to make sure you’re maximizing the powerful functionality of your SmartSimple software, which is why we’re launching our complimentary SmartSimple Business Strategy services — for those times you have questions that require more than just technical troubleshooting.

Thinking of adding a component to your platform that sends out automatic notifications alerting and updating your grantees where they are in the grant application process? Want to impress your boss by improving your foundation’s impact reports at your next presentation? We can help you every step of the way.

Think of this like our white glove concierge service to your platform’s needs. We’ll help you get the resources you need to make sure your platform is future-proof and scalable to your new technological advancements.

“The SmartSimple Business Strategy service is like an operator of sorts who can talk with you about your concern…

SmartSimple and CAF America form partnership to enhance international grantmaking and CSR programs

We’re excited to announce our partnership with CAF America, a global leader in domestic and cross-border grantmaking, to provide a full service, end-to-end solution for SmartSimple’s corporate enterprise and community foundation clients.

Our collaboration joins SmartSimple’s leading-edge workplace giving and grants management software with CAF America’s expertise in charity vetting and advisory services. Together, this solution creates a completely integrated client platform and experience. From workplace giving, campaign management, charity vetting, to donation and grant payment processing, this partnership offers a one-stop shop service that handles every backend function of your foundation.

Now, here’s a breakdown of the benefits

What SmartSimple clients will get from this partnership:

SmartSimple Donor Advised Funds hosted by CAF AmericaTax receipt at the time the donation is made CAF America’s enhanced Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing (AML & CTF) protocol Enh…