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News Release - SmartSimple's Service Provider Integration API

We are releasing our Service Provider Integration API this week! This feature supports our customers in the Medical Claims Management market by providing the ability to automatically schedule third party services, including transportation and interpretation, directly from within a case in SmartSimple.
For customers it means less admin work and faster turnaround when scheduling.For providers it creates the ability to directly integrate their services with the SmartSimple network of insurers and their medical partners.

The technical details are all in the SmartSimple wiki but give your account manager a call if you need to walk through what this new functionality can do for you!

SmartSimple CN Tower Climb in Support of WWF

On April 19th, 2012 eleven eager and enthusiastic SmartSimpletons and SmartSimpletons2 are climbing up all 1776 steps of the CN Tower. They are doing this in support of WWF- Canada.
WWF-Canada is part of the global conservation network (World Wildlife Fund). Its mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Donations are being accepted online:

SmartSimpletons (Oliver Lo, Mark Bridger, Ciaran Donnelly, Steve Lafortune, David Resnick, Eric Lauer)

SmartSimpletons2 (Chin Chuah, Serkan Bilgi, Lorena Ruizm, Madhulika Sharma, Ioan Williams)

The goal is to raise $250.00 per team member. Thank you in advance for your support.

SmartSimple is Making More Moves in the International Research Management Market with the RMAS Project.

Shared Services, Open Standards and Collaboration are some of the biggest buzzwords in technology today. Of course every so often buzzwords are given weight when action is taken.
This is certainly the case for the Research Management and Administration System Project (RMAS), an initiative launched by several UK universities to provide a procurement framework for Research Management and Administrative Systems under 9 distinct lots:

Lot 1 – WorkflowLot 2 – Electronic Document ManagementLot 3 – CRMLot 4 – Academic ExpertiseLot 5– Funding Sourcing ToolLot 6– Proposal ManagementLot 7 – Costing and Financial Management of ProjectsLot 8– Post Award ManagementLot 9– Outcomes and Outputs

With considerable experience under our belts SmartSimple is excited to be a qualified vendor in 7 of the 9 lots. In addition to assisting research funders and researchers we are particularly excited to assist with the wider adoption of CERIF standards with the introduction of the SmartSimple CERIF adapter.