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SmartSimple Announces Partnership with Exacta

SmartSimple is pleased to announce our new partnership with service provider Exacta . This exciting collaboration will integrate interpretation and transportation services from Exacta into our Claims Management system . Both Exacta and SmartSimple recognize the difficulty in using several different systems to schedule assessments. Developers on both teams have streamlined that process for our clients in claims management, enabling them to book Exacta’s interpretation and transportation services right from their SmartSimple system. This new feature is available to all SmartSimple clients at no additional cost and will be configured by request. Transportation and interpreting services are automatically tracked and billed through provider's accounts with Exacta. To request this feature, please contact SmartSimple at or 1-866-239-0991. About Exacta Interpreting Inc. (Exacta)  Founded in 2001, Exacta offers interpretation, translation and transportati

Announcing New WebEx Demo: Introduction to GMS360

SmartSimple is excited to announce our Introduction to GMS360 ° online demonstration. This demo will take place on  Thursday, August 15 at 2 pm EST . We will cover all the fundamentals and benefits of GMS360°, our grants management platform for organizations. Additionally, our demo leaders will be available to answer all your questions about the system and SmartSimple. Please visit the registration page to reserve your space and receive information about the WebEx login credentials. For more information about GMS360° or SmartSimple, please visit our main website  or contact us at or 1-866-239-0991.

SmartSimple's August 2013 Upgrade

It's that time again - our August 2013 system upgrade is live! Read on for a complete rundown of the latest enhancements, features and upgrades that have been added to your SmartSimple system this month. Multiple User-Selected Recipients for Workflow Messages Users can now choose multiple recipients of a workflow-generated email by configuring workflow tasks. Enhancements to Notes Functionality System administrators can now keep track of system configuration changes with notes added to configuration pages for templates, types, statuses and custom fields. Additionally, note functionality now exists when a record is in edit mode. Bypass Validation Option on Submit Buttons Bypass Validation is a new setting that enables users to move a record to a different status without triggering the field validation. For example, records could be changed back to Draft status without having to fill out all mandatory fields. Improvements to Subreports System administrators now have

How to Engage and Recruit Volunteers with Social Media

Social media has quickly become an ingrained part of our society.  If your nonprofit organization isn't taking advantage of social media's unique marketing capabilities, you're missing out on an invaluable way to spread your organization's good will. So how can nonprofits use social media to effectively engage and recruit volunteers? It will require a little web savvy and time on your part, but the returns are well worth it. 1. Become a Storyteller Share compelling content that inspires people to act. Do any of your current or previous volunteers have experiences they wish to share? Compile stories of impact from them, as well as your employees, and use them to relate to your prospective volunteers. It's important to understand how to craft these anecdotes based on your chosen social media platforms. For instance, a longer and more involved story is most suitable for a blog post, while an inspiring quote or slice-of-wisdom would have more impact on Twitter