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Feeding America battles food insecurity with the help of SmartSimple

The current statistics on hunger in the United States tell a very distressing story that should concern everyone currently living in the country: ●13 million children face hunger in the United States today ●In 2014, 5.7 million senior citizens - that’s 9% of all seniors in the US - lived with food insecurity, meaning no reliable access to affordable, nutritious food ●Nearly 3 million rural households live with food insecurity ●There are 12 states that show significantly higher household food insecurity rates above the national average of 13.7%, including Mississippi (20.8%), Arkansas (19.2%), and Louisiana (18.4%)
Considering that the US is one of the top 20 of the richest countries in the world, the number of Americans living with food insecurity may seem surprising. Yet, according to Feeding America, the country’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, many Americans are just one job loss or medical crisis away from suffering food insecurity. More than 46 million people turn to Fe…