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September 2014 Upgrades – What’s New, What’s Cool!

The SmartSimple Development Team has some great system-wide upgrade features for the fall (or spring depending on where you are in the world)! Upgrades will go live for most clients on Friday, September 26th. Visit our Wiki for full details:
SmartFolder Interface – We’ve brought you a cleaner, more contemporary view of your SmartFolders, making it easier to find and identify sub folders in your system. Scheduling Conflict Alert Feature – Be notified of scheduling conflicts before you book your next meeting or event in your SmartSimple calendar. The scheduling conflict feature alerts you instantly if someone you’ve invited is already booked for that date and time. You’ll still be able to include them in the event, but you’ll have the advantage of knowing if they have a previous engagement.
Web Page View in a Light Box – Now users have the ability to launch a web page view in a light box (a view that highlights images in a new window) rather than a pop-up window. The light box option mea…

Mountains, Salmon and Dog Sled Racing – SmartSimple goes to Alaska!

In early September, 2014, SmartSimple Project Manager, Madhulika Sharma, journeyed to Anchorage, Alaska, to provide two days of on-site training for one of our newest clients, The Rasmuson Foundation.
This is our first client in the great state of Alaska, and Madhulika the first SmartSimple employee to venture to the far north. The Foundation’s Statement of Work (SOW) was completed in early 2014, and full implementation should be completed by the end of October, 2014. Madhulika was invited out by the Foundation’s CEO, Ian Dutton, to provide on-site end user system administration training. “I was very happy to meet Ian,” said Madhulika, “and I was thrilled to find out he’s a fellow cricket player! He’s shared the field with many legends of the game, and it was great to find we had a common interest.”
The goal of the first part of the Foundation’s training schedule was to create super users to handle the administration of the system, allowing the Foundation to be self-sufficient. Over …

SmartSimple on the Road – The Volunteer Canada Conference Wrap-Up

Todd Lapin, Director of Strategic Accounts for SmartSimple, recently attended Volunteer Canada’s Annual Business and Community Engagement Forum in Ottawa, Canada. “This was the first time SmartSimple took part in this conference, and after an amazing two days, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last,” said Todd. Todd had the opportunity to meet a variety of industry professionals, sharing experiences and providing demonstrations of how SmartSimple helps companies streamline their employee matching gift and volunteering processes. “It’s always great when I introduce someone to our software for the first time, then see the excitement on their faces when they realize what it can do for them,” he said. Todd also had the chance to attend a noteworthy presentation hosted by Stephanie Robertson, President of SiMPACT Strategy Group. She spoke to attendees about the future of volunteering in Canada and outlined some of the challenges companies are facing today. “It’s clear there is an increased focu…

Corporate Volunteer Engagement in Canada’s Capital

For the first time ever, SmartSimple is taking part in Volunteer Canada’s Annual Business and Community Engagement Forum in Ottawa, Canada, on September 9th and 10th, 2014.
The conference offers workshops for business leaders, academic researchers and practitioners in the public, private and non-profit sectors. It’s a great opportunity for industry professionals to showcase and explore practices, models and tools that strengthen community engagement and employer-supported volunteering in Canada.
Todd Lapin, SmartSimple’s Director of Strategic Accounts, will be running things at the SmartSimple booth, introducing participants to our solutions for volunteer management, employee giving, grants management and more. Drop by and say hello, or email to arrange a personal discussion with Todd.
Be sure to also check out the GrantsManagement section of the SmartSimple website for details on our GMS360o software and other solutions.
We’ll be following up on our experiences…