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Online Scholarly Sources for Researchers

Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo may be more than adequate for general web searches, but for our clients who work diligently in research, medicine and academia, more scholar-focused databases are desired.

The following four scholarly sources - each with their own different advantages and disadvantages - are repositories of academic papers, studies, and peer-reviewed research literature:
Google Scholar Google’s very own database of scholarly literature is relatively new, but nonetheless has an expansive catalog. You can browse by discipline and filter out general magazine, newspaper, and blog posts. However, full-text versions of many recently indexed papers are only available if you pay a fee. | Find it here.

Microsoft Academic Search Microsoft’s own academic search engine provides tools to help researchers explore and visualize scholarly content in different ways. For instance, both graphical and snippet views of citations are available. Limitations to the database exist…

SmartSimple's September 2013 Upgrade

Our September 2013 upgrade is live! Read on for a complete rundown of the latest enhancements, features and upgrades that have been added to your SmartSimple system this month.

Consolidation of Submit Logic Failure Messages 
In order to help end users complete forms with multiple Submit Logic validations, SmartSimple will now display all alert messages configured with Submit Logic into a consolidated alert window.

Recently Viewed Objects
A new right-hand panel titled "Recent" is now available, which displays your most recently viewed records. To display this panel, simply enable the settings through Manager Permissions.

Scheduling Reports
Reports can now be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly. These reports can be configured to store custom field values to SmartSimple records, which allows for the periodic aggregation of data. This feature is available to all System Administrators.

Basing Summary Cross-tab on Standard Fields (Arcadia)
If you are using SmartSimple's…

Chin's Musings - How to Update a Field

Welcome to another installment of Chin's Musings! In this series, Systems Controller Chin Chuah will create helpful rundowns of various system features and processes to help you better understand the SmartSimple platform.

SmartSimple is continually becoming more robust and enhanced with new features. This sometimes results in the ability to configure the same end functionality through the use of a variety of different techniques. This post will help you decide on the best approach for your situation by discussing different ways to update a field value.
Default Text

This is the simplest way to store a value into a field. Default Text is configured through the custom field settings page for open text input fields such as Text Box - Single Line. This setting works by populating the input field on the form with the specified default value when a field does not already have a value stored in it. This requires the user to save the form to actually save the field value.

Simple a…

SmartSimple's 5 Best Apps for Social Good

Most people think of smartphone apps as mindless diversions or casual games. However, many startups and organizations have created apps in the hopes of aiding social good and inspiring others for the digital age.
Check out these five ways you can carry your favorite causes in your pocket:

GoodGuideWebsiteiTunes Store | Google Play

This consumer-conscious app makes use of your smartphone’s camera to scan product barcodes and instantly rate it based on health, safety, environmental and social responsibility factors. Detailed information about the social responsibility of various consumer brands is also available in-app.

Ushahidi Website | iTunes Store

Designed to keep the public current with information on protests, civil unrest, and global events, Ushahidi is a crowdsourced app used by activists, reporters and the general public worldwide. Information is displayed via an interactive map for easy access to the regions that matter most you.

The ExtraordinariesWebsite | iTunes Store


SmartSimple to Attend CASRAI Reconnect 13

SmartSimple is pleased to announce that we will be attending the second annual CASRAI International Conference, titled Reconnect: Big Data 13. This exciting event will take place October 16-18, 2013 at the Fairmont Château Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario.

This conference will examine the role of research administration practices and information sharing in supporting knowledge discoveries and innovations. Presentations and session topics will focus on further advancing the methods to better connect the research and innovation ecosystem.

SmartSimple will be participating as a Silver-level sponsor. Teresa Clarke (Director of Research Solutions) and David Resnick (Product Marketing Manager) will represent SmartSimple and be on hand to demonstrate RMS360°, our signature research management software solution.

The Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information is a non-profit organization that develops standards for diverse research organizations to work togethe…

SmartSimple is Attending the 2013 Fall Conference for Community Foundations

SmartSimple is excited to announce that we will be attending the Fall Conference for Community Foundations.

This three-day event will take place September 22-25, 2013 and will be hosted by the Council on Foundations (COF) at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California.

SmartSimple will be participating as an exhibitor, with Todd Lapin (Director of Strategic Accounts) and Sarah Jane Nicholson (Relationship Manager) as our intrepid representatives.

We will be showcasing our GMS360º for community foundations. GMS360º enables community foundations to manage grants and donations, match donor interests to grants, manage any number of funds and track relationships with donors, grantees, staff, subject matter experts, and other stakeholders.

You can visit our website to learn more about our grants management software solution.

Stop by our booth for a chat or email to arrange a discussion about how SmartSimple and GMS360º will benefit you.

To learn more about the…

Chin's Musings - Configuration Tips

Welcome to another installment of Chin's Musings! In this series, Systems Controller Chin Chuah will create helpful rundowns of various system features and processes to help you better understand the SmartSimple platform.

Let's learn about some common issues encountered when configuring SmartSimple.
Workflows Not Firing
Ensure that the workflow has connectors between the tasks. There needs to be a start and end (or connection) to another workflow.When using branching logic within task connectors, ensure that every outcome and possibility is accounted for in your conditions and that each condition is mutually exclusive from each other. Do not overlap logical conditions with each other.Ensure that the object you're triggering the workflow on is enabled for it. For example, Universal Tracking Application™ L1 templates need to have workflows enabled and specific association workflows selected. Companies need to select specific company/contact workflows.Multiple workflows cannot …

SmartSimple’s Research Management Solutions

Director of Research Solutions Teresa Clarke provided an enlightening presentation to fellow SmartSimple staff in August regarding our research management solutions and how they relate to the needs of funding agencies and researchers.
Funding agencies and their processes are informally motivated by three groups: the government, the public, and the researcher. The agency needs to be held accountable to the government, and to provide them with solid outcomes and an ROI (Return on Investment).

Researchers require a funding agency to have an easy application process, fair reviews and a flow of funds. Agencies also mind public-facing aspects such as marketing and media image.

The different types of funding agencies discussed:
Global – Bill and Melina Gates Foundation, JDRFNational – Genone Canada, Science Foundation IrelandProvincial/State – Ontario Centres of Excellence, Ontario Min. of Agriculture & FoodInstitute – Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, BC Genome Sciences CentreDisea…

SmartSimple Sponsors Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Awards

SmartSimple is pleased to announce we'll be sponsoring this year's Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Awards. The event will take place on September 12, 2013 in Dublin, Ireland.
These awards recognize the work being carried out by Irish and multinational companies to improve the lives of their employees and to enhance the civic environment in which they operate. 
Awards will be given in several categories, including: Excellence in Community - Partnership with CharityExcellence in EnvironmentExcellence in CSR CommunicationExcellence in International CSROutstanding Achievement in CSR Please visit the Chambers Ireland main website for more information about these awards and to view all shortlisted candidates.

SmartSimple provides an innovative management solution for the granting, research, and corporate social responsibility efforts of foundations all over the world. Our established Irish and international user base spans governmental, commercial, and semi-state or…

Arthur's WikiPeeks - 8/30/13

Technical Community Support member Arthur Lathrop will be updating us on new and updated articles of interest in the SmartSimple Wiki! Check back every week for a new installment of Arthur's WikiPeeks. New Wiki Category: SmartSimple Microsoft Outlook Synchronization
The instructions previously available for download in PDF format have been updated and broken out into component pages.Primary Role
A new article has been posted on the ability to pass a parameter for a role ID with the login URL. This is a useful method for testing role-based permissions.Holiday Calendar
Instructions on how to use the Holiday Calendar feature, and associated variables (busdateadd() and isHoliday() functions), have been updated.Session Time
A new article has been posted to answer one of our clients’ frequently asked questions: 'How is Session Time measured?'.Template Page
A new article has been created to describe the uses and configuration for Template Pages (sometimes referred to as …

New Video: Data Exchange Enhancements and Settings

Data exchange is an essential feature of our case management system. This feature enables the instantaneous exchange of status updates, contact details, notes, appointments, and other crucial information between medical practices and insurance adjusters using SmartSimple. 

Our newest video describes two new enhancements of the data exchange ability:
Exchange History - This new tab displays all incoming and outgoing exchanges including the exchange status of a Claim and/or Assessment.Data Exchange Statuses - You can now control the exchange of Assessments. This means that an Assessment is only sent back to an Insurer once it has reached a client-defined point in the process. Additionally, the video covers how to configure the data exchange statuses in your SmartSimple system.

For more information on data exchange, case management or SmartSimple, please contact us at or 1-866-239-0991.