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July Upgrade Videos

Check out the new video overview of SmartSimple's upgrades for July, 2015, as well as our recent webinar, outlining all the great enhancements for the summer:

We've got more webinars coming up for August, so be sure to check out our events page to register. If you have any questions on any SmartSimple features, be sure to contact our Support Team by email or by phone at 1.866.239.0991. If you're interested in learning more about the SmartSimple platform, visit our website to request a demo.

Dedicated vs. Non-Dedicated Servers – What’s best for me?

More and more business today is being done in the cloud. While this offers amazing flexibility and accessibility advantages, everything you use in the cloud still needs to be physically stored somewhere, and that’s the role a server plays in your system.
There are two types of servers you can use; a dedicated server or a non-dedicated server.
What’s the Difference? A non-dedicated server means your server is “hosted” in a shared environment with other, separate organizations.  A dedicated server is your organization’s own server and only contains your data.
Why would my organization choose one option over the other? The answer to this question really depends on the classification level of your data, the governance rules of your organization and your country’s data sovereignty laws.
That’s really not as complicated as it sounds.
Data classification is all about how sensitive your data is and, therefore, the level of information security required for keeping it secure and limiting the abi…

Upgrades for July 2015

SmartSimple’s July, 2015 upgrade is set to take place on Thursday, July 23rd. What’s new for the summer? Keep reading!
Conditional Versioning Early in 2015, we launched an exciting new feature called Versioning. Versioning offers a quick and easy way to add, edit and delete fields in your applications and forms. This means you have the flexibility to create as many versions as you want or need.
The feedback we’ve received from clients has been so overwhelmingly positive we decided to enhance this feature even further with what we call Conditional Versioning. Now, the particular “version” of an application or form seen by a particular user can be based on any criteria you set; use geographic locations, roles, organization types and more – the options are endless!
To fully explore this feature, SmartSimple will be hosting two webinars on Tuesday, August 25th at 10am EST and Thursday, August 27th at 2pm EST to guide you through and ensure you get the most out of being able flip between …

Working Together – The SmartSimple Process Part Three – Getting Started

Welcome to part three in our Working Together – The SmartSimple Process series. Today we’re going to cover the steps and activities involved with the implementation of your own SmartSimple system.
Congratulations! You’ve weighed the options and have made the decision to make SmartSimple your new grants, research or claims management system. Now it’s time to get started.
Meet your Implementation Team Now that you’ve chosen SmartSimple, your Account Manager will introduce you to your Implementation Team. This team consists of a Project Manager and a select group of business and technical resources who will manage your project from implementation to launch.
Along with our team, we’ll need some people from your organization to be our guides to your existing process. The key roles that are required to participate from both sides are: Executive Sponsors – Responsible for being the project sponsors and escalation points for the project.Core Project Team/Project Manager – Responsible…

On the Road Again – Eric Lauer Visits Chicago

You’d be hard pressed to find SmartSimple’s Director of Customer Experience, Eric Lauer, in one place for very long, and this summer he’s taking in the scenery and enjoying the hospitality of our clients as he continues his tour across the United States. His most recent stop was to visit with the folks in Chi-Town.
“The Chicago area is an important one for SmartSimple,” says Eric, “Not only do we have a large number of clients in the region, but there is so much philanthropic activity. Chicagoans are an incredibly engaged and generous people who care deeply about their city.”
Among the organizations Eric visited were The Spencer Foundation, The Irving Harris Foundation and Feeding America. He also stopped by the Chicago Community Trust, who very generously co-hosted our Fall Community Conference in 2014 and will again be working with us for our 2015 conference.
“Much like my trip to New York, this was an opportunity for me to touch base with our Chicago clients and get some feedback …