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Security is a Shared Responsibility

Keeping your data under tight lock and key takes the combined effort of both our team and yours. We recently introduced a new security page on our website to ensure everyone understands the shared security model when working in the cloud.
Keep reading to learn how, by working together, we can provide better security.
Who’s responsible for what? While SmartSimple ensures our platform’s security and the protection of your information, we all bear some responsibility for complete security throughout your data’s lifecycle.
We can safeguard the data that you store with us, but we have little control over what happens outside our environment. Therefore, it’s important that you evaluate your own security policies, consider how your users access your system, monitor how the data is used, and maintain the physical security of your own premises and its hardware.
To really understand why security is a shared responsibility, you need to know the difference between two key concepts:

·Security of t…

SmartSimple brings non-profit professionals together again at the Chicago Fall Community Conference 2015

Building on the success of last year’s Fall Community Conference, SmartSimple invites you back to Chicago for another full-day of interactive engagement.

“We were really pleased with how well our first fall conference was received last year,” says Sarah Harris, Director, Client Support and Operations, “so we decided to go back to the Windy City and host our second community conference outside of our home base in Toronto, Canada.” The Fall Community Conference is the ideal setting for our clients to engage with the SmartSimple team in dynamic discussions about their systems, its functions and features. It’s also a valuable opportunity to network with peers and share ideas and insights about the non-profit community.
What will I get out of the conference? The conference is designed to provide attendees with: ·An update on new developments at SmartSimple. ·Useful tips about features and functions in your SmartSimple system that you may not have taken advantage of. ·A chance to have open dis…

Build more configurable reports faster and easier than ever with Neo

Watch our latest video on Neo – the next stage in the evolution of our Report Builder. System administrators and other technical users involved in the configuration of your SmartSimple system will find this information helpful.

While Neo offers a more intuitive interface that is easier to configure and saves you time, there are some important behaviour changes to be aware of. This video walks you through the new, easier to use report building process:

Register now to join Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience, for one of two upcoming webinars:

September 2015 Upgrade Overview:

Tuesday, September 29th (10:00 AM EST to 10:30 AM EST)Thursday, October 1st (2:00 PM EST to 2:30 PM EST)
Eric will delve into the finer points of using the new Neo report building process, and other great features from our September 2015 upgrade.

If you have any questions about Neo or other upgrade features, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

SmartSimple September Upgrades

Fall is almost here, and that means it’s time for our upgrades for September, 2015. We have some new enhancements that improve overall usability, enhance previous reporting functionality, and update the Arcadia X user interface. We’ve also opened up a new beta testing opportunity.
This upgrade will take place on Thursday, September 17th, so let’s get you ready!
Automatic Upgrade                                 This feature is automatically applied with the September upgrade, meaning you don’t have to do anything to begin using it in your SmartSimple system:
Expanded Arcadia Colors and Styles If you’re an Arcadia X interface user, the first difference you’ll see when you log in after this upgrade are new navigational colors. Don’t panic; this is part of the enhanced color and style functionality we’ve added to increase Arcadia X personalization options.
From the Configuration tab, under the Global Settings menu, permissioned staff will see a new Branding and Terminology tab at the top …

Test to Production to Versioning – Pick your Solution!

Every SmartSimple client is unique, which is why we offer so many options for personalizing individual systems. One thing, however, that is common for all our clients is the need to change various forms and applications, often on a regular basis. For that reason, SmartSimple has two different solutions available; Versioning and Test to Production, otherwise known as T2P.
Why two solutions? Some smaller organizations have very limited technical infrastructure, which means they may not have a Systems Administrator on staff, so they want a solution that they can easily use without a lot of technical knowledge required. Versioning is ideal for these clients.
Other larger clients have IT staff to handle more complex levels of configuration, and can therefore work with more sophisticated solutions, and therefore T2P is preferred. That doesn’t mean a larger organization couldn’t or shouldn’t use Versioning. Versioning was designed to be used by everyone.
Versioning Versioning is particularly a…