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Introducing Janus, SmartSimple's New Machine Learning Tool

SmartSimple Software is proud to announce Janus – SmartSimple’s Machine Learning tool. This powerful extension of SmartSimple’s Grants, Research and Case Management Systems enables organizations of all types to look at their past to help predict stronger outcomes in the future. 
Imagine if one could easily identify which funding applications have the greatest chances of success, or which medical claims are most likely to be fraudulent. Organizations, vendors, and practitioners will continue to make all decisions - but with SmartSimple's Janus, they receive support that simply does not exist in other systems.

Janus can be trained to analyze an organization’s data, such as grant applications or medical claims. Organizations can select as many inputs as needed, along with a single output. Janus then determines how these inputs affect the output. Once Janus has been trained, these results - and the likelihood of the outcomes - are applied to any new applications or cases submitted wi…

Brain Canada Announces New Collaborations

Funding and collaboration are two of the most important factors in medical research, so we at SmartSimple were very excited to learn of the newly announced initiatives involving Brain Canada Research Fund, the Government of Canada, the Azrieli Foundation, and the Chagnon Family. This collaboration will provide funding for five research projects focusing on Alzheimer’s disease and Autism, with specific focus on the treatment and prevention of Autism sprectrum disorders, Fragile-X syndrome, and Alzeimer’s disease.

To learn more, visit the Azrieli Foundation's website or read their news release here:

Find out more about SmartSimple, our partners in research, or our research management system RMS360°,  by contacting us at or visiting our main website.

Community Conference 2014 Summary: Get Smart with SmartSimple's Training Videos

This blog series will summarize the presentations from this year's SmartSimple Community Conference.

SmartSimple's Web User Interface & Graphic Designer Mark Bridger presented "Get Smart with SmartSimple's Training Videos" for our clients in all vertical markets.

With support from Technical Community Manager Eric Lauer, the presentation detailed the creation and editing of training videos, as well as recommended software and equipment.

The presentation began by listing various reasons for creating videos (saves you time, increases community engagement, establishes expertise in your market) as well as the various types you can create. While training videos were the focus of the presentation, tutorials, webinars, PSAs, and company culture videos were also briefly discussed.
Next, Mark recommended software for video capturing and editing, as well as the associated costs. Equipment was recommended, as well. Particularly useful is a professional microphone with a…