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Registration for the SmartSimple Community Conference Closes April 1

SmartSimple is holding a Community Conference for all partners, clients, associates and interested parties. Several informative and open discussions will take place regarding new and upcoming SmartSimple features, management sessions for all markets, and technical presentations. If you haven't registered for the Community Conference yet, please visit this link . Registration is free and closes after April 1 . We will also be hosting a  SmartSimple Support Hot Spot  on-location. Our intrepid Support team will be available for 15-minute sessions to answer questions, give tips or listen to your feedback. Check out our original Community Conference announcement post for more information. If you have any further questions, contact us by email at , by phone at 1-866-239-0991, or visit our main website .

SmartSimple to Attend COF Annual Conference 2013

Between attending the annual conferences for the Grants Managers Network and The Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals  in March, SmartSimple has been busy. Guess what? We're about to get busier. We're happy to announce that we'll be exhibiting the Council on Foundations (COF) Annual Conference from April 7-9, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois . The COF’s Annual Conference offers an exciting opportunity to discuss all the hottest issues surrounding philanthropy, sustainable impact, and corporate giving. Through hosted sessions, you'll be able to collaborate with industry peers and veterans alike regarding these pressing topics. SmartSimple will be showcasing  GMS360° , our intuitive grants management software solution. Drop by our booth to find out how SmartSimple will benefit your organization, or email to schedule a one-on-one session. To learn more about GMS360° , please visit our website . Visit the  Council on Found

SmartSimple in New York City - Interview with Arthur Lathrop

To celebrate the opening of our New York City office, SmartSimple is publishing a series of interviews with our staff to find out more about this exciting new move (and new city)! As an integral part of our Technical Community Support team,  Arthur Lathrop lends his expertise and commitment to our expansion in New York City. This week, we've spoken to him about his move and the business advantages of our new office location. First of all, how was the move from Toronto to New York? We hope it went smoothly.  It did. We have a cozy little office on the cusp of the Flatiron and Chelsea districts of Manhattan, smack dab in the middle of “ Silicon Alley ”. The adjustment was basically seamless, thanks to the awesome teamwork skills of our Toronto colleagues. We’ve been able to connect with our colleagues in Toronto and Ireland on a daily basis through regular VoIP calls and, of course, using SmartSimple to keep track of our daily tasks and what our coworkers are up to. What’s t

SmartSimple in New York City - Interview with Michael Reid

To celebrate the opening of our New York City office, SmartSimple is publishing a series of interviews with our staff to find out more about this exciting new move (and new city)! This week, we've spoken to SmartSimple Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Michael Reid about SmartSimple's new location and how it ties into our plans for the future. Chief Operating Officer Michael Reid (left) with Chief Technical Officer Keith Yau. What made you decide to expand SmartSimple into New York City?  With an increasing number of customers in the United States, it's most appropriate that we establish an office in the financial and cultural capital of the country. It was also important that our new office have local staff with a full understanding of the environment. How does our New York office fit into SmartSimple’s strategy for success and growth in 2013?  Becoming a small global company has always been a goal of ours, and with the addition of a U.S. office we'

SmartSimple in New York City - An Interview Series

Did you hear? SmartSimple is officially  live in New York City ! To celebrate the opening of our first American office, we’ve conducted a few interviews with SmartSimple staff to gather their thoughts about our new move. For our first installment, we spoke with SmartSimple's Resource Coordinator, Sarah Harris , about the decisions that went into selecting our new location, as well as her favourite spots around the neighbourhood. Our new office is located in New York City’s Chelsea district – what made this location desirable?  We scouted with the intent to be in Midtown, originally, so I scheduled Chelsea for a comparison of neighborhoods. I was immediately drawn to the (business) casual atmosphere in the executive parts of the area, as well as the hip artsy contemporary nature of Chelsea. Being the “tech hub of Manhattan”, it seemed to fit perfectly with our corporate identity. It’s close to Penn Station, making it easy to get to and from airports. Our location is squar

Registration Now Open for the SmartSimple Community Conference

SmartSimple is excited to announce that we'll be hosting our first Community Conference for all clients, partners, associates and interested parties. This event will be held on April 17th, 2013 at Victoria College, 91 Charles West Street . We will be conducting several informative sessions and open discussions from 9:30 AM - 4 PM . Attendees will be given the opportunity to network and collaborate with their industry peers as well as the SmartSimple team. For a full agenda of the day,  download this PDF . To register, please visit this link . All sessions are first come, first served. The last official day to register is April 1, 2013 . Remember to bring a business card, as prizes and raffles will be drawn for all attendees! Questions? Find out more about our Community Conference by contacting us at or 1-866-239-0991.