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SmartSimple's April 2016 Upgrade Highlights

Our April upgrade, focuses on improving communications. New features like Field Annotation and the Privacy Policy Hyperlink, continue to add transparency and engagement tools to improve the user experience.
Field Annotation With Field Annotation, you can create notes on any application field and make edits to these fields while keeping the rest of the application locked. This offers you an additional communications vehicle for both internal and external contacts. Field Revision Annotation works much like the current Notes feature but targeted towards individual fields. For example, let’s say one of your grants administrators is reviewing an application and notices that a particular field needs to be revised by the applicant. With Field  Annotation, the administrator can highlight this field with an annotation and send a comment to the applicant on what revision to make. The applicant will be advised that there is a note for them and provide them with the opportunity to revise their info…