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SmartSimple's Real 360 CRM

You may have noticed that all of SmartSimple’s product suites are named 360°. The reason is, SmartSimple provides an authentic and holistic approach to tracking and managing what's important to you.
For instance, you can ensure that all information captured in your contacts profile is meaningful to your actual relationships. Grants applicants can upload meeting minutes and financial statements, and you can easily identify those who belong to a given organization (i.e. employer), and those who are associated (i.e. volunteers and board members). In the end, life is simplified because everything you need to capture is done as a by-product of your contact’s interaction with the system.

Further to this, all relevant information is readily available in an integrated system and is online-accessible at any time. And, perhaps the most important aspect of our 360° product line is how an applicant’s profile and organizational profile are accessible at any time from within a grants applica…

Four Things You Don’t Want in a GMS Vendor

Anyone who has followed the grants management software market over the last few years knows that in today’s marketplace, there are more vendors than you can shake a stick at. While increased options are appealing, they make the challenge of finding the right fit even more burdensome.
When organizations seek out a solution to meet their specific needs, they should be aware of the following warning signs, which show potentially spell danger:

"Sure, we can do anything" – This is a familiar statement from a software vendor who can provide functionality without any real understanding of the intricacies of grants management. Generally speaking, many software vendors produce products with great functionality, and can try to apply them to the grants management space. Unfortunately, they may not be aware of what they don’t know, and in this instance, their customers become guinea pigs. In time, they may realize that removing paper from the process and assigning roles are merely firs…