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SmartSimple October 2016 Upgrade Highlights

We’ve got a total of 47 new features and enhancements for our October 2016 Upgrade. That’s 47 more ways we’re continuing to prove our commitment to our clients’ needs.

Of note, we’ve streamlined reporting, created a more intuitive user interface for Arcadia X, and introduced new beta features to strengthen the platform for you and your users.

Reporting Features Enhanced Neo Report Builder

Creating impactful reports is always a challenge, so we continue to add functionality to our Neo Report Builder tool, working to make the process as painless as possible. We’ve expanded the number of data sets and fields available based on your reporting requirements. You can now include data for user and company event activities, notes, and status name for an increased range of options.

In-Line Data Grid This new field type will give you the ability to build an Excel-style grid directly on the page you’re working on without having to open a second window. This is ideal for simple budget creation or data th…

How SmartSimple is helping change the lives of high-risk children and youth

The numbers don’t lie; children who suffer from untreated mental health issues in their formative years are at significant risk for a future of behavioral problems, unemployment, incarceration and even suicide.
Did you know? An estimated one in five Canadian children experience mental health issues Approximately 60% of incarcerated males in Canada have a history of childhood conduct problems It’s estimated that future costs for a career criminal can be up to $6.5M if no early intervention takes place It’s why SmartSimple was eager to help Child Development Institute (CDI) and their SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) National Expansion Campaign. “At SmartSimple, we firmly believe technology has the power to do good things, so whenever we see an opportunity to apply our expertise to help an organization meet their goals, we’re happy to facilitate.”

SNAP is an evidence-based intervention model designed to positively change the lives of high-risk children in their middle years, and their families. It…

6 Reasons Your Organization Should Consider GMS Essentials

You’re a grants manager with a small team. You only handle a few grant programs a year and your application and processing requirements are pretty basic and straightforward. You’ve been using a mix of emails, spreadsheets and paper files to keep track of everything.

It’s not an ideal solution, and since you’ve been thinking about expanding your program, you’re concerned that this current set-up won’t be able to handle a more complex granting process.

Fortunately, SmartSimple has introduced a new grants management product – GMS Essentials – that’s designed specifically for organizations that want to expand their granting activities. Whether that means adding more programs or introducing more complex application processes, GMS Essentials will provide the added features and functionality to manage your applications, tracking, reporting and awards processes in one centralized location. Why is GMS Essentials the best choice for a growing organization? Here are six key reasons why it might …