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Explaining SaaS for Enterprise: The difference between friending your BFF and your Mom

As was mentioned last installment, one of the primary benefits of adopting SaaS for enterprise involves the ability to connect from any device that can access the internet. On Facebook this means that you can stay connected to someone you met on vacation and in the enterprise space this means that you can connect and collaborate regardless of distance.

Of course the first thing to note is that just because you can share doesn’t mean you should. This is clearly true regardless of context and in Facebook this is manifested in your privacy settings. Specifically you can choose to share posts with i) friends ii) friends of friends iii) everyone and you can even pick and choose groups or individual contacts to share with. So even if you do friend your mom, you can control what they see.
In enterprise this is manifested with roles and permissions. In the case of Facebook, the only role is friend and it’s up to the individual users to define what a friend is on a case by case basis (or by gro…

SmartSimple is excited to Welcome Farmers Mutual Insurance to the Ontario Referral Network

Established in 1895 Farmers Mutual Insurance has seen the world change many times. Being in the business for well over a century speaks directly to the company’s sustainability and adaptability. So it’s no surprise that that they are responding to changes in health care for auto insurance in Ontario by selecting SmartSimple’s Software Inc. Insurers OnRamp™ solution to manage their interactions with their network of healthcare vendors.
The Insurers OnRamp™ solution is extremely economical and designed to facilitate the communications of health claims between health care professionals and their adjusters within the Health Claims for Auto Insurance (HCAI) framework regulated by the Financial Service Commission of Ontario (FSCO). With SmartSimple, Farmers  Mutual Insurance can eliminate the courier costs associated with the exchange of Ontario Claims Forms (OCF) while improving turnaround times.  Since this entire process occurs on SmartSimple’s network, security is never an issue. 
In welco…

HCAI System Outage Sunday, June 12th 2011

We'd like to inform our insurance and medical clients on the upcoming HCAI outage.

We recently received the following message from Health Claims for Auto Insurance and have copied it verbatim for your reference.

Please be advised that a system outage is planned on Sunday, June 12th 2011 for implementing a new release in the production environment.

Please note that no changes to the HCAI PMS Toolkit assembly will be required.

System Outage Details:

The HCAI system will be unavailable starting at 2:00 a.m. (EDT) on Sunday, June 12th, 2011 and will resume active status at 8:00 p.m. (EDT) on Sunday, June 12th, 2011.

Please note that during the outage period:

The website will be unavailable.

All transactions by health care facilities using practice management software (PMS) integration should be withheld until the system has returned to active status.

HCAI system availability can be confirmed by reviewing the system status indicator found on the home page.