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Announcing Extended Support Hours Beginning February 4th

At SmartSimple, we’re constantly working to serve you better. That’s why we’re happy to announce that our support hours will be extended to 8 am – 9 pm EST Monday to Friday . Why longer hours? SmartSimple has always been devoted to ensuring all clients and customers share the same effortless experience - no matter what coast they are on. Simply put, we want to accommodate you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at or 1-866-239-0991 extension 1.

SmartSimple to Attend OIAA Conference in February

SmartSimple is excited to announce our attendance of the annual Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA) Claims Conference on February 6, 2013 . The conference will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center with the purpose of educating claims professionals and providing invaluable networking opportunities within the industry. Over 150 exhibits of the latest services and products for the claims market will be showcased at this event. Eight seminars will also be presented over the course of the day. A variety of topics affecting the insurance industry will be discussed, from capacity evaluations to fraud. SmartSimple will be participating as an exhibitor and we invite any interested parties to visit our booth in the Exhibit Hall. Click here to find out more about our medical claims management software, IME360 ° . Don't forget to check out our Events Calendar to find out more about upcoming shows SmartSimple will be attending. For more information on OIAA a

SmartSimple’s New Support Portal - Launching February

SmartSimple is excited to introduce our new Support Portal. It’s a cleaner interface that’s not only easier to use, it’s easier on the eyes. Requesting Support  To submit your request, click ‘New Ticket’ at the top left side of your portal screen. From there, fill out the Online Support Request form and click ‘Save’ at the bottom. You will receive an email to confirm that your ticket has been submitted to our Support team. Wiki  Directly below ‘New Ticket’ you’ll find a button that links the SmartSimple Wiki . We’ve added this button to provide you with an alternative method of resolving your query. Our Wiki acts a reference guide for all aspects of your SmartSimple system, including Global Settings, UTAs and new features. Messages  Messages are an essential part of communicating with you, the client. You can create a note within your ticket for the Support team to see. Simply click ‘New Notes’ under the Notes panel on the right side of your ticket page.

Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Social media isn't exclusive to friends and family, and it certainly has uses beyond sharing the latest Grumpy Cat meme with your coworkers. Private, public and non-profit organizations alike have effectively used social media to connect with each other and the general public. Here at SmartSimple, we've been following several important accounts on Twitter in many different markets, from grants and philanthropy to nonprofits and tech-related businesses. Each one has something different but valuable to offer, whether it be market-specific news, reviews, tips or articles. Read more to get the full list: Grants OTF Volunteers @ OTFvolunteers The Ontario Trillium Foundation is not only Canada's largest grant maker, it has an extensive nation-wide network of volunteers for the purpose of reviewing grants. Follow them to learn more about the Foundation and for exciting volunteer-related news. Grants Managers Network @ grantsmanagers A resource for all grants mana

SmartSimple to Attend Florida Philanthropic Network Summit

SmartSimple is heading to Florida! We’ll be attending this year’s Florida Philanthropic Network (FPN) Summit as an exhibitor on January 31 - February 1, 2013 . This year’s Summit will gather the state’s most prominent grantmakers to engage in discussions about Florida’s role in philanthropy. Sit in on informative seminars and participate in sessions concerning today’s most pressing issues in grantmaking. Please feel free to visit our booth or email to arrange a one-on-one discussion. Be sure to check out our main site to learn more about GMS360º, our grants management software. Click here for more information on FPN and the 2013 Summit.

SmartSimple’s Web Forms

Web Forms are used by SmartSimple system administrators to gather information from their community. Uses include surveys, quality control forms, registration forms, scored assessments, reference check forms, and entry forms for contests. In addition to walking you through the benefits and uses of web forms, our training video introduces a new, more exciting format. Check it out yourself: Getting Started  Click Applications then select the Web Forms menu. Under the New Form tab, fill in the fields to create your new form such as name, category and who in your SmartSimple community can access it. You can also check Allow Anonymous to specify whether or not a completed form will be associated with a user. Adding Questions  Once you have your new web form saved, you can add questions for the user to answer. Click the New Question button in the Form Questions page and set question type to Text Box – Single Line Response. Fill in the appropriate fields. Remember, diffe