Community Conference 2014 Summary: Get Smart with SmartSimple's Training Videos

This blog series will summarize the presentations from this year's SmartSimple Community Conference.

SmartSimple's Web User Interface & Graphic Designer Mark Bridger presented "Get Smart with SmartSimple's Training Videos" for our clients in all vertical markets.

With support from Technical Community Manager Eric Lauer, the presentation detailed the creation and editing of training videos, as well as recommended software and equipment.

The presentation began by listing various reasons for creating videos (saves you time, increases community engagement, establishes expertise in your market) as well as the various types you can create. While training videos were the focus of the presentation, tutorials, webinars, PSAs, and company culture videos were also briefly discussed.
Next, Mark recommended software for video capturing and editing, as well as the associated costs. Equipment was recommended, as well. Particularly useful is a professional microphone with a pop filter to record high quality voice overs.

The importance of a good script and review process was stressed. Have an ultimate goal for your script, such as identifying and solving a problem your customer has, or highlighting an underused feature in your system. Important feedback can be gained from conducting a "table read" of the video script with relevant staff.

Mark also wrote some tips for file sizes, aspect ratios, and other useful tidbits for video creation. Check them out by reading the full Get Smart with SmartSimple's Training Videos presentation below:

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