Making Support Tickets Smarter and Simpler

Our team of support professionals are here to help!
So you’d like to do something you haven’t tried before in your SmartSimple system, or you have an idea for something you’d like to do but aren’t sure it can be done. You reach out to the great folks on the SmartSimple Support Team, and a ticket is opened to initiate the activities needed to find a solution for you.

Since you can keep track of your tickets on your system, you check and see the status of your ticket is “Open”. But what exactly does that mean? Of course it means someone is working on your question, but exactly what is being done or how it’s being handled may not be clear to you.

We understand that not knowing exactly what’s going on with a query is frustrating – especially when it’s with the system that you and your community use every day. While we can’t always provide immediate answers to every call or email we receive, we can make it easier for you to know exactly what is going on with your ticket and how it’s being handled.

To that end, we’ve expanded the categories for our ticketing system, so you have a clearer picture on what is happening with any and all requests you submit to the Support Team.

Now, when you check the Notes section in your SmartSimple system, you will see a range of statuses that include:

·         Open
·         Escalated – Subject Matter Experts
·         Escalated – Level 2 Support
·         Escalated – Development
·         Awaiting your Feedback
·         In Testing
·         In Enhancement Queue
·         Closed

These expanded categories give you improved insight into exactly how your ticket is being handled, if your ticket requires escalation to other experts or teams at SmartSimple, or if we need your feedback to either finalize a fix or close the ticket.

Of course, you’re still welcome to contact the team at any time for more information. Simply email Support or call us toll-free at 866.239.0991.

Remember, you can also visit the SmartSimple Wiki or check out our YouTube channel for instructional videos and recordings of recent webinars. And remember to check out our events page to register for upcoming webinars.


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