Upgrades for July 2015

SmartSimple’s July, 2015 upgrade is set to take place on Thursday, July 23rd. What’s new for the summer? Keep reading!

Conditional Versioning
Early in 2015, we launched an exciting new feature called Versioning. Versioning offers a quick and easy way to add, edit and delete fields in your applications and forms. This means you have the flexibility to create as many versions as you want or need.

The feedback we’ve received from clients has been so overwhelmingly positive we decided to enhance this feature even further with what we call Conditional Versioning. Now, the particular “version” of an application or form seen by a particular user can be based on any criteria you set; use geographic locations, roles, organization types and more – the options are endless!

To fully explore this feature, SmartSimple will be hosting two webinars on Tuesday, August 25th at 10am EST and Thursday, August 27th at 2pm EST to guide you through and ensure you get the most out of being able flip between versions on the fly. You can register for either session on our website.
Interactive Report View 

Interactive Report View – Phase 2
Phase 1 of the new Interactive Report View feature was introduced in our May upgrade, offering users the option to display and render data through an actual report.

Phase 2 expands on this diverse reporting feature, giving you the ability to take reporting to the next level. By being able to group the data you want to see in the manner you want to see it, Phase 2 offers the added flexibility of not only selecting and arranging your data fields how you need. You can also save any report list view and share it with other members of your team. This means you can share specific reports with specific people in an interactive view.

Allocation Chart Feature
A new and more graphic rendering of your budget data, The Allocation Chart feature offers the ability to see a detailed, graphic representation of how your allocated funds were used in an easy to understand and visually impactful format. There is nothing specific you will need to configure; this feature is automatically set up and ready to use.
Allocation Chart

You can read more about these and other system enhancements on our Wiki, in our newsletter and our upcoming YouTube videos. You can also learn more about the July upgrade during one of our webinars. Be sure to visit our events page to reserve your spot!


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