SmartSimple July 2016 Upgrade Highlights

SmartSimple’s July 2016 upgrade takes the Arcadia X user experience to the next level, giving you even more reporting and communications options. We’ve introduced new On-Demand features that bring life to your reports and dashboards. And, our enhanced email offering makes it easier to add contacts and quickly edit your communications based on specific, pre-filtered records already in your platform.

List View Charts (On-Demand Feature)
SmartSimple empowers you to create dynamic and impactful charts directly from your current list view without needing to use Report Builder.
List View Charts instantly aggregate your data into easy-to-understand, vibrant charts. This flexible new feature requires next to no effort to use, maintaining the current columns and filtering the information you want to share directly from your list view. There’s no need to re-input any details.

Seven descriptive and colorful chart types are available to display your data in a meaningful way. This feature provides the ability to see the data as tables or charts as well as being able to drill down into the data for a more granular view. Users then have the option to download the chart or table as a PNG, JPEG, PDF or vector image.

Note: This feature is available in the Arcadia X interface only; List View Charts cannot be created from the Classic interface.

BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboards (On-Demand Feature)
This feature is ideal for board members or internal team members who want descriptive graphics that clearly display their information succinctly whenever they open their personal portal. BI Dashboards offer regularly updated overviews of granting data, ensuring you always see the most up-to-date statuses.
There are six charts and a map already built in to make it fast and easy to create your dashboard. Simply select which fields are represented by which graph type and set the data filters for what you need to see (status, start date, end date, etc.).

The charts in the BI Dashboard will always remember the latest settings used and provide options to zoom in for greater detail. Use maps with current addresses to drill down information based on location for more granular analysis. Charts can also be personalized according to each user’s needs, providing the exact results they want to see, every time.

Note: The graphs displayed and their locations on the dashboard are applied by default and are not configurable.

Dynamic Field Controls (On-Demand Feature)
This feature offers you the ability to easily create smart logic to control visibility of sets of fields based on values selected on other fields.
This new feature uses what’s known as ‘branching’ or ‘skip logic’ (showing field information based on your answers. Select X to see details on Y. Select Z to see details on A, etc.). Always ensure that the data shown to every user is only the data they want and need to see.

Note: If you’re interested in exploring this feature further, talk to your System Administrator.

Group Email Enhancements (Global Feature)
Email is a vital lifeline for your community no matter where they are, so we continually look for new ways to increase the usability of SmartSimple’s email function.

For this upgrade, we’ve improved both the user interface and the user experience by making the generation and sending of emails flow more smoothly. Select any number of roles and our email wizard will instantly display the exact number of users on the final list so you know how many people will receive your communication. This new feature also gives you the additional opportunity to double check and confirm your email targets the right audience.

Additionally, you now have the ability to edit content right from within the email template, meaning last minute changes can be made on the fly. All emails are saved as an activity on the Level 1 record.

Learn More
See the full list of all our July enhancements on our Wiki. Be sure to sign up for one of our Upgrade Q & A Sessions on Tuesday, August 2nd or Thursday, August 4th by visiting our Webinars Page.


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