SmartSimple October 2016 Upgrade Highlights

We’ve got a total of 47 new features and enhancements for our October 2016 Upgrade. That’s 47 more ways we’re continuing to prove our commitment to our clients’ needs.

Of note, we’ve streamlined reporting, created a more intuitive user interface for Arcadia X, and introduced new beta features to strengthen the platform for you and your users.

Reporting Features
Enhanced Neo Report Builder

Creating impactful reports is always a challenge, so we continue to add functionality to our Neo Report Builder tool, working to make the process as painless as possible.
We’ve expanded the number of data sets and fields available based on your reporting requirements. You can now include data for user and company event activities, notes, and status name for an increased range of options.

In-Line Data Grid
This new field type will give you the ability to build an Excel-style grid directly on the page you’re working on without having to open a second window. This is ideal for simple budget creation or data that needs to be presented in a grid format. There is also a separate save button for the page so you don’t have to go in and out of a document to save your information.

Bulk HCAI Submissions
We’ve streamlined the invoice submission process for Ontario insurance clients. Now, you have the option to submit invoices to HCAI in bulk rather than needing to do them one at a time. Your claims administrators will save valuable time and limit the possibility of data entry errors.

User Interface Features
Arcadia Headers
To improve navigation and save on screen real estate, we’ve made some revisions to the Arcadia X interface. Portal access has been moved up to the top of the page and aligned with the header. Standard Arcadia X features have been consolidated into a single menu icon to make it easier to use and find what you’re looking for. It only takes a single click to see what links are grouped in each window.

New Help Icon
Our new help icon will make finding tooltips within SmartSimple easier. Now, instead of underlining content where additional help is available, an easily identifiable question mark icon will pop up so it’s clear where you can access assistance. The icon is accessible whether working on an application, processing submissions for review, or creating reports.

IRS Subcategory Settings and Look-Up Options
A vital part of your granting process is being able to accurately identify the tax standing of your applicants. So, we’ve made two enhancements to assist you when using the IRS database.

The new subcategory settings option offers a more granular view of your applicant organizations. Gain in-depth knowledge on the status of each potential grantee, rather than just seeing a high-level overview.

We’ve also enhanced our IRS database integration from within the sign-up page so you can retrieve as much detail as you need to accurately process your grants. New fields include:
  • Type
  • Foundation code
  • Organization type
  • Status

Privacy Policy Enhancement

You now have the option to require users to accept the conditions of your privacy and other policies before they can access your system. This gives you the opportunity to confirm that applicants fully understand your specific terms of service, requiring them to acknowledge their comprehension before beginning the granting process. This ensures there’s no confusion of what has been agreed to, while managing the expectations of your grantees.

UTA Delete Button

In addition to controlling the level of permissions required by your users to add information to a particular field, being able to manage who can delete information, when and how is just as important. Our enhanced UTA Delete Button offers the opportunity to not just have the option to delete, but to set specific business rules.

For example, your managers may have always been able to delete a grant, but now can only delete specific grants under $1 million or only after a particular date or grantee action has taken place. This gives much more granular control over the precise actions administrators can take when managing your users’ information.

Beta Features
Data Classification
A well-planned data classification system makes essential data easy to find and retrieve. This can be of particular importance for risk management, legal discovery, and compliance. Written procedures and guidelines for data classification should define what categories and criteria the organization will use to classify data and specify the roles and responsibilities of employees within the organization.

Our Data Classification feature provides the power to create any number of data classes within your system and assign them to custom field types. You can now create security policies and attach them to any class of data. This means you maintain complete control of the visibility of field data across your entire platform, making it easy to apply access policies at the global level.

Media Library
In today’s world, digital content/media is accessible and consumable on a multitude of device and browser types. However, based on the capabilities of any given device or browser, file type, and size requirements can differ significantly. That means, in order to review any specific media type, people are required to download and use their own players locally or use links to sites such as Vimeo and YouTube. So how do you guarantee a positive user experience?

The SmartSimple solution provides a consistent user experience while also limiting copyright concerns. This will make it easier for your users to access and view any media file uploaded to your SmartSimple system. All files will now be optimized for better viewing in any browser, on any device. Users can also review and comment on any media file in the system.

Learn More
Be sure to review all the enhancements on our SmartSimple Wiki to ensure you’re up-to-speed on everything you need to know for our October 2016 Upgrade.


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