SmartSimple Development Philosophy

In 2002, SmartSimple was founded on two distinct but equally important ideas:
  • The internet will change the way people communicate, collaborate and ultimately do business.
  • There existed fundamental shortcomings in existing enterprise software solutions. Specifically, they were either too restrictive; forcing companies to redefine their workflows and processes around the solution, or they were too passive; requiring tremendous human intervention to actually offer an ROI.
Over the years, in an effort to truly understand the needs of our clients across many industries, we have learned 3 very important lessons.

Business Is A Two Way Street

While it is the case that virtually all businesses have similar functional needs (applicant tracking, collaborative scheduling and document sharing), each industry has very specific demands in terms of regulatory compliance, security and managing their eco-system. To this end, we are very proud of our ability to address not only functional demands but also unique vertical demands.
This is especially true in the context of a given vertical's eco-system. We understand the importance of relationships and as a result we offer solutions that speak directly to this importance. We have configured our solution so insurance carriers and adjusters can communicate securely and seamlessly with health care service providers. We have done the same thing for grant making organisations and not-for-profit/research grant recipients, as well as for College and University Career Centres and Employment or Recruitment Agencies.

Every Business Or Industry Has Something Unique To Track and Manage

Every organisation needs to track, manage and measure what they deem important. In some cases, this may be unique to a specific company, while in other cases, this may be the same across an industry.
This understanding has informed our architecture from the very beginning. Our proprietary Universal Tracking Application™ can and has been configured to track sales, assets, projects, job applicants, corporate governance, grant proposals and just about anything else.

Real Value Comes From an Integrated Solution

There are countless software vendors out there, most of which offer a single feature or function. This means that many companies are using one solution to meet their HR needs, another solution to meet their CRM needs, another solution to conduct surveys and so on. This results in high monthly costs and excessive work in terms centralizing and integrating the data and ultimately justifying the value of all these separate tools that don’t speak to one another.
It is applying the above three lessons to every new development, upgrade and update that sets SmartSimple apart from the rest.


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