SmartSimple's GMS360° Grants Management System FAQ

The SmartSimple FAQ series will highlight answers to some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our 360° software suite. Keep checking back on our blog for new entries!

This FAQ addresses questions concerning SmartSimple's GMS360° grants management system:

Can we bring in historical data from our existing system?
Yes, we have multiple easy-to-use methods available to import historic data. For MicroEdge GIFTS™ users, we have a fully automated process to manage the transfer.

Can the system integrate with (and look like) our existing website?
Absolutely. Your branding will be applied to all parts of the system including login and registration pages, as well as reports.

Will we be able to change system settings (such as data fields, program coding and application forms)?
Yes, all system settings are accessible and under your control.

Can soft copy documents be stored within the system and retrieved via keyword searches?
Yes, all documents stored in the system are keyword searchable, subject to the permissions that you can control.

Does the system allow grantees to submit post-grant reports?
Absolutely, we believe this is a vital part of any GMS360° lifecycle. All post-award activities are managed through the system.

How can we capture detailed financial information within the system?
Our useful online budget tool, similar to an MS Excel spreadsheet, is used by applicants to create their budgets. Funding program financial data is managed though an additional application that allocates funds from different sources to individual awards.

What kind of reporting mechanisms are supported?
The grant is automatically associated to a set of future reporting activities. These activities trigger alerts to both the awardee and program staff as they become due. These reports include narrative fields, codes and attached documents.

Does the system have dashboards and other personalized views?
Yes, all views of data are customizable and these personalized views can be included in user-defined dashboards.

Can we link payments with our accounting system?
Absolutely. Once awarded, the grant is automatically associated with a set of future payment records. These records are then transferable to any accounting system.

How will we be assured our data is secure? Can we have a live backup of the data at our site?
Your data is protected in many ways. Our servers are protected in secure bunker type hosting facilities (certified to SAS70 standards). System access is protected through the use of banking standard SSL encryption, hard disk encryption and optional two-factor authentication.

All system access is role-based and controls what the user can see, down to the single field level. For clients that opt for a Managed Server Solution, a live backup is provided at the client designated hosting location.

Do you support Single Sign-On?
Yes, Single Sign-On is supported though industry standard such as SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0.

What is the average length of time it takes to implement the system?
This depends on the complexity of the organization and can vary between 30 and 90 days. However some large and complex requirements can exceed this time.

What kinds of training programs do you offer and how is training delivered?
Web-based instructor lead, on-site instructor lead, self-paced materials, and YouTube video tutorials.

What are the fees for License and Data Conversion?
GMS360° is offered as a Software as a Service and as such, monthly User License Fees are based on the actual number of users. This gives you peace of mind that you won't be paying for unused licenses.

Data conversion is offered at a fixed cost for GIFTS databases. Fees to migrate data from other sources to SmartSimple are dependent on the structure of the data. All systems include importation of client contact and organization data. Staff user training is included with every system.

To learn more about GMS360° or SmartSimple, please visit our main website or official Wiki. Don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-866-239-0991.


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