Book Transportation & Translation Services Using SmartSimple

If your company requires you to contact and book third party transportation and interpretation services, SmartSimple has the solution for you. We've made the easy step-by-step process even easier with our online video guide:

Transportation Services

A drop-down list of service providers will be made available to you upon completion of the claimant’s information and referral sources. From there, you will be able to fill out trip information, appointment details, duration of transportation, and billing.

Translation Services

Under the Interpretation drop-down list, you will find a selection of available translation service providers. Upon choosing your service, you will be able to customize details such as gender of interpreter, language, special needs, wheelchair accessibility, and billing.

You will receive a confirmation number after successfully submitting your request for either type of service to your selected provider.

For more of SmartSimple’s online training videos, check out our Wiki page.

If you would like to make these services available from your SmartSimple system, please contact our support desk at 416-591-1668 ext 1 or email us at


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