The Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal SmartSimple Candidate

So you want to be part of the SmartSimple team? We’re always on the lookout for ambitious, talented individuals to join our crew. But what are the ideal qualities we look for in an employee? How should you prepare to be interviewed for a position at SmartSimple?

1. Be Personable

According to Corporate Services Manager Ethel Nañes, personality is key. “When I interview someone, I want to make sure that their personality traits complement the existing variety of personalities that already exist in the company,” she says.

2. Be Adaptable

Technical Community Manager Eric Lauer stresses that when it comes to technical positions in the company, skills can be coached. However, maintaining an attitude that’s positive and enthusiastic cannot be taught.

3. Be a Team Player

Since our work environment is both diverse and collaborative, the ability to function as part of a team is integral to a new employee’s success at SmartSimple.

4. Be Detail Oriented

Do you send the same resume to every company that’s hiring? Chances are, you’re being overlooked. “I am always immediately impressed with candidates who actually read the job description and try to tailor their resume to our requirements,” says Ethel. Put the extra effort into customizing your resume – the results will speak for themselves.

5. Be Knowledgeable

We don’t just mean having confidence in your skills. Interviews with potential SmartSimple employees go much smoother when the candidate demonstrates their knowledge of the company itself. Showing an interest in what we do and even being inquisitive about the company will make you stand out from the crowd.

6. Be Focused

Making a good impression at your interview is a given, but what does that involve? Consider how 'present' you are in an interview. This means avoiding distractions and being able to demonstrate that you aren't just interested in the job, you're interested in the job with SmartSimple.

7. Be Aware

Eager to get your foot in SmartSimple's door, but don't know how? We're constantly updating our Event Calendar, Twitter feed and LinkedIn community every time we're looking for new members to join our team. Get connected with us to stay in the know!

For more information on SmartSimple, please visit our main site.


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