SmartSimple's Case Management System FAQ

The SmartSimple FAQ series will highlight answers to some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our 360° software suite. Keep checking back on our blog for new entries!

This FAQ addresses questions concerning SmartSimple's case management software suite, which includes IME360°, Insurer360°, and Employer/Employment services.

IME360° (Independent Medical Examiner) FAQ

Are multiple users able to view a particular file/claimant at the same time?
Yes, the system supports this.

Can we manage all locations?
Yes, as a web-based solution, the system is designed to be used from all locations including home offices and external provider locations.

In Ontario, can we submit invoices to HCAI from SmartSimple?
Yes, IME360° is fully integrated with HCAI in Ontario at no additional charge.

What reports are included in IME360°?
Report types include: number of referrals received by referral source, number of referrals received by referring company, reports due from assessor, reports due to referrer, and scheduled services.

We are required by an insurer to use SmartSimple, do we use their version? How do we login?
You use a SmartSimple system specifically for your practice. This system can communicate referrals back and forth with the insurer’s system. Access is gained through a unique web address plus an individual username and password.

Can I add notes to a case?
Yes, notes are a vital feature of the system. The workflows of notes are controlled by user role, and any number of note types can be defined.

What letters are included in IME360°?
Claimant Appointment Letter, Referral Confirmation Letter, Assessor Notice Letter, Transport Booking Letter, Interpreter, Booking Letter, No Show Notification Letter, Email Template for Cancellation Notification.

Insurer360° FAQ

Are multiple users able to view a particular file/claimant at the same time?
Yes, the system supports this.

Can using SmartSimple contribute to better outcomes for insurers?
SmartSimple provides insurers with a vastly superior approach to understanding the work that is being carried out by their partners.

How can I track a vendor’s performance?
The details of all vendor activities are available within Insurer360°. Insightful reporting is available based on these activities.

Employment Services FAQ

Who can create job postings in the system?
Only users with the correct permissions – such as staff, employers and community partners – can create and upload job postings.

Which types of employment service cases can be managed by the system?
Employment assistance, job counseling, career paths for new citizens, and second career assistance.

Can resumes be uploaded and then made searchable in the system?
Yes. Resumes can be uploaded and attached to any employee or client profile. The ability to search and filter resumes in the system is an essential component of the system.

How are job postings created?
Users with the correct permissions can use a sample template in the system or configure a template of their own.

What formats can data be exported to?
Reports and data can be easily exported with one click to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, PDF or CSV.

Employer Services FAQ

What aspects of disability case management does the system oversee?
The system oversees everything from progress reporting, treatment, short or long-term disability management, and return to work co-ordination.

How easily are cases accessed in the system?
All relevant case information is available from the portal dashboard. Cases can very easily be searched or filtered by criteria such as Type, Keyword and Status.

Can case information be shared with other services that use their own SmartSimple systems (i.e. practitioners, treatment centers)?
Yes. The Data Exchange function is an integral aspect of the system – it enables SmartSimple users to seamlessly share information such as status changes, appointments, legal details, and more.

To learn more about  SmartSimple, please visit our main website or official Wiki. Don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-866-239-0991.


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