SmartSimple's July Upgrade, Webinars and Android App News

July Upgrade
SmartSimple's next enhancement package is going live on July 17th. Remember that our Wiki always contains information about upgrades so you can see what's in the pipeline. You can also visit our website to register for our July 21st upgrade webinar. 
  • New version of SmartSimple's Report Builder (BETA)
    • Now, SmartSimple users can select to use a streamlined report builder for individual reports.
  • New version of the date picker
    • Scrolling selecting years has gotten easier with the new date picker.
  • Janus record select
    • Janus subscribers will now be able to create filters to easily select training records.
  • Custom file names
    • There is now an option to auto-name newly uploaded files.
  • New Calendar upgrade
    • We've updated the new calendar so clients can specify colours based on event type.
    • Events can be displayed in a pop-up window when selected.
  • Support for ad hoc field content translations (BETA)
    • SmartSimple has integrated with Google Translate, allowing free-form text to be automatically translated.
  • Microsoft Excel exporting enhancements
    • There is now greater support for dynamic content cell positioning.
  • U.S. Census Integration
    • Your SmartSimple system can now pull and display data from the U.S. Census.
Upcoming Webinars
This month, SmartSimple will be hosting several webinars. Take a look at the link below to register.
  • SmartSimple's July Enhancements
  • Outcomes and Impacts
  • SmartSimple with Foundation Center
  • Volunteer Management
How to Register
Please click this link to our registration page OR visit our Website Event Section.

Android App Beta Testing
Do you use an Android phone for work? Have you ever thought that a SmartSimple Mobile App would be useful?
Let us know if you are interested to participate and we will invite you to our Beta Testing Kick-Off Webinar. Please contact Paul Dimerin at


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