The Latest and Greatest – SmartSimple Introduces our November 2014 Upgrades

Welcome to your final round of SmartSimple upgrades for 2014! These latest enhancements will be accessible to our SaaS clients as of Thursday, November 20, 2014.

Please note two of the features are on-demand options, easily configured by your System Administrator.

Updated Functionality for Maximum Word/Character Limit
Users could always see what the content limit was before they started, how many words or characters they had left and when they have gone over the word or character limit for a particular field.

We’ve now enhanced this feature to display how many characters/words over the limit you have gone. The character/word limit will still be enforced once you hit “save.” 

 Additional Visibility Options on Company/Contact Custom Fields
This field improvement gives you more control over custom fields on user and company profiles. You can now easily determine and configure what company categories and user roles each field will be attributed to.

Enhanced Arcadia Interface
We’ve also made some user interface improvements to Arcadia this time around, enhancing the view and making it easier to use.

First, we’ve moved the left-hand menu tabs to the top of the page, improving navigation and making better use of screen space. Now, when a tab is selected, the main section of fields are hidden from view.
We’ve also grouped tabs in similar categories together, making them easier to see and find. Custom fields grouped as tabs will now open up in a lightbox as opposed to on the page itself, making it easier to organize the fields you want to see.

On-Demand System Upgrades
The following features are also available with this latest upgrade, but will require the help of your System Administrator to complete.

Smarter Email Functionality
This great feature offers you the ability to generate unique email addresses for various objects or records. Emails sent to these address are broken out individually and attached to the specific object or record. You can now send out an email from a specific record, and when an external user replies to the email, the system will automatically create an activity record on the source record.

Multiple Aliases per Copy of SmartSimple
This new feature gives you the power to create multiple URLs pointing to a single copy of SmartSimple.

For clients with a varied user base that require their own landing pages or URLs for branding purposes, multiple URLs (example:, can be created to bring users from different URLs into the same copy of SmartSimple. Check out our October 14th blog post to read more about this feature.

Multiple Sign-Up Pages per Company
This next on-demand feature offers the power to create multiple sign-up pages per company.
Use this option to support sign-up pages in different languages, associating new users to the same company.

Be sure to visit the SmartSimple Wiki for more information. You can also request a demo to learn everything SmartSimple can do for you and your organization.


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