SmartSimple's January 2016 Upgrade Features and Highlights

To get the New Year started on the right foot, the SmartSimple team is pleased to bring you our first round of system upgrades for 2016. This cycle, we’re focused on improving the flexibility of your system. We’ve made it easier for you to control your screen views, customize batch update buttons and added new List View options. This upgrade goes live on Thursday, January 28th.

Maximize and Restore Button on Title Bar - Global System Feature
Now you can maximize sections in Arcadia X to better focus on the data and tasks you need to accomplish. This gives you more control to see your information, your way.

Customizable Batch Update Options - On-Demand Feature
This feature offers the ability to create multiple unique batch update buttons, each having its own discrete batch function. For example, Batch Approve Status, Batch Change Manager and so on.

This means System Administrators have the ability to make customizable batch update buttons available to users based on their role. This improves flexibility by making specific batch update buttons viewable to specific users.

Level 1 List Views can now include Organization and Owner fields - On-Demand Feature
Level 1 List Views can now been configured to include fields found on the Organization (also called Company), fields found on the Owner and Person contact records (i.e. Applicant, Employee, Client, Case Manager), as well as fields on the Branch connected to the Level 1. This means more List View options and makes it a much more powerful reporting tool.

Associate Multiple Roles to a List View - On-Demand Feature
Now, instead List Views being associated with a single role, you can add multiple roles to any List View, offering greater flexibility for assigning user roles. This means you no longer have to use the “Everyone” option when you want to assign only a select number of roles to a particular view.

Login Page with Multiple Languages - On-Demand Feature
Based on the language parameters entered, users can be directed to a language-specific login page, improving the user experience and user accessibility. This means that, no matter how many users your organization has and how many languages are required to accommodate their community, each user has the option to log into your system in their prefered vernacular.

We’ve also made some enhancements to our reporting, payment allocation and invoicing features. See the full list of all our January enhancements on our Wiki. And be sure to sign up for one of our Upgrade Webinars on Tuesday, February 2nd and Thursday, February 4th by visiting our Events Page.


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