Discover the highlights of our May upgrade

Usability has been at the forefront of this upgrade. As part of our commitment to making the platform even quicker and easier to use, we’ve significantly cut down the time it takes to configure and make changes to your system. For end users, we’ve continued our priority focus on improving user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

User Experience

Enhanced Settings pages

With system administrators in mind, we’ve enhanced navigation on the ‘Settings’ pages so that choices are clearer and it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • Need a particular setting? We’ve added a search function to the top right corner; 
  • Some menu options are reorganized and renamed - so finding what you need is straightforward;
  • Lesser used settings are out of the way in the ‘Classic Options’ tab:
  • Layout and navigation of a number of pages has been revamped for ease of use.

Better usability for mobile devices

Creating mobile experiences that are even more responsive across all devices is important to us, and something we wanted to focus on. As part of this upgrade, we’ve adapted web content to different sized screens, so that the SmartSimple interface looks great on smartphones and tablets.


Quicker way to update custom fields 

It’s now quicker and easier for system administrators to configure and update custom fields. Rather than navigating to various settings pages, administrators can now update field configuration in a new ‘Configuration Mode’ when viewing a record. This means there is no longer the need to find which field to update in the custom field list. Configuration Mode also provides shortcuts to major settings pages, so administrators can easily flip between making configuration changes to testing them.

New Syntax Checker tool (in Beta)

The introduction of a Syntax Checker tool enables system administrators to easily test the resolution of variable syntax on a record. An option for using the tool can also be found when viewing a record in Configuration Mode (detailed above).

Making shortcuts work for you 

Do you or your users rely on shortcuts to find what you need faster? Look out for three new upgrades that improve navigation and offer an even better user experience:
  • Instead of a single section for all your shortcuts, you can now configure and tailor individual shortcuts in any portal section - meaning you only see the ones you use most;
  • Give your portal a new look by assigning each shortcut an icon from a library of eye-catching symbol options;
  • Connect a shortcut to a list view to display aggregate figures and bring your data to life in dashboards.

Split-screen functionality

Need to review two documents simultaneously? Our new split-screen functionality means you can view two applications (parent and child record) side-by-side, without having to manually move and resize windows. It’s particularly useful for reviewing grant applications and assessing case files.

Screen sharing technology (in Beta)

The introduction of screen sharing technology means that system content can now be shared in real-time with others. Use the feature to collaborate on a case file, guide your applicants through an application, or when you require assistance from our Technical Support team.

Fast, new way to download multiple files

Downloading more than one file attachment directly from a Level 1 or Level 2 list view is now quicker and easier than ever before with a new group download feature for multiple records. Once downloaded, attachments can then be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Advanced security setting

While SmartSimple adheres to the most respected security standards in the industry, we’re always looking for ways to offer our clients added security options tailored to their specific needs. Our new Enhanced Security Mode is an advanced feature that when enabled, will automatically set and lock security settings throughout your system, and configure the highest level of protection available.

Who is it useful for?
Recommended for organizations with stringent security compliance (i.e. government agencies).

Important to note:
Enabling the Enhanced Security Mode will disable a number of system features. Please speak with one of our Technical Account Advisors in the first instance for more information.

Upgrade release notes

A glossary of upgrade features and enhancements, including additional notes for system administrators, is available on the SmartSimple Wiki.

Q&A Sessions - May Upgrade

Tuesday, May 30, 2:00 PM EST
Thursday, June 1, 10:00 AM EST

Join Eric Lauer, Director of Customer Experience, for a Q&A session that’s specifically designed to guide you through each new upgrade feature and enhancement, answer your questions, and help you make the most of your system.

Register here


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