May 2018 Upgrade Highlights

For this month's upgrade, we focused on making the system configuration more efficient and simplified. We also provided functionality to enable you to become more GDPR-compliant.

Below is a summary of these exciting updates. For a full list of our upgrades, visit our Wiki.



Policies, Regulations, and Privacy

Personal Data Fields
Permissioned users can now identify custom fields as personal data fields. That means, as end users enter their data into your system, a message will be displayed informing them why specific information is being collected, Users will also be able to access a summary of this information, providing complete transparency.

Privacy Policies and Agreements on Sign-up Pages
Another feature to enhance transparency is the added ability to view your privacy policies and agreements directly on your sign-up pages. Registrants can now consent to your terms of the agreement prior to submitting their information. This also saves your users time, as they will know up front what they are agreeing to.

Data Retention Policies
This new feature provides the ability to set different data retention policies, making it easier to comply with the latest regulations your organization must adhere to.This means that you can choose what, and when, information supplied by your end users will be purged from your system.

Scheduling of GuideStar Charity Checks
You now have the option to schedule regular, automated checks in GuideStar. This is a useful tool for when you’re issuing payments. Running an automated workflow will confirm the status of any organization listed in Guidestar.  

Impact Quadrant Chart
Measure your success, compare, and visualize the impacts of all your investments. This feature can be used by anyone looking to quantify the result of your organization’s work on any Level 1 record. The charts you create will clearly show the differences in the outcomes from your awards based on definitions you create.

New Search Fields with Report Builder
We’ve added a new feature to our report builder functionality. Now, there’s a search fields option that makes it easier for you to find the exact fields you want to use, providing the ability to create reports more quickly and effectively.

Schedule Report Exports
You can now schedule regularly recurring tasks (daily, weekly, monthly) and have your system automatically run a report and export it to a SmartFolder or external, secured site.

Visual Differentiation for Non-Production Environments
Instead of having to consistently check the URL to confirm whether you’re working in back up or production, we’ve introduced a clear visual indicator at the top of your screen that will identify which environment you’re logged in to.

User Functionality

Define Dynamic Search Parameters
You can now define search parameters within a portal list view panel. This makes it easier for your end users to do searches on their own, without having to build multiple list views. For example, if a user wants to perform a targeted search, they can set parameters (within the last month, within the last year, etc.), making it faster to find what they’re looking for.

Question Set Builder
There’s no need to engage an administrator for Question Set edits with the Question Set Builder. Now, you simply create your own unique field sets anytime you need. For example, if you have different users running different programs, they can easily define and add their own set of questions or metrics as required.

Upload Pictures for Shortcuts and Sections
Personalize your SmartSimple system with your own images. Pictures can be uploaded to use as portal shortcuts or section backgrounds. This new feature gives you more options for branding your system.


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