SmartSimple Community Conference: Case Management Summary

The SmartSimple Community Conference blog series summarizes the presentations given during the April 17th event. Keep checking back for more summaries, plus downloadable links to presentations! 

SmartSimple Business Analyst Brian Lai and Project Manager Madhulika Sharma's presentation, Case Management, gave our Community Conference attendees a comprehensive overview of our IME360°, Insurer360° and CMS360° systems.

Insurer360° allows insurer access to the Ontario Referral Network, which consists of over 80 independent medical examiners, hospitals and treatment centers. 500,000+ cases are available from these third parties, including 3.5 million medical documents and 150,000+ HCAI submissions per year.

The insurance adjuster portal was discussed next. All claim information is available upfront in the adjuster’s workbench, including current claims, report tools, an issue tracker, new claim creation and more.

Beyond Insurer360°, Brian and Madhulika explored how SmartSimple's CMS360° can be used across several lines of business. They showcased SmartSimple's Employer and Employment Services functionality and discussed how SmartSimple allows you to quickly and easily manage (among many features) employee files, contacts, billing, and case activities. They also discussed how various plan items are tracked in the system.

The next topic involved how SmartSimple is used to manage Structured Settlement cases. This is done within CMS360°. Many variables are considered, including amount of lump sum payments, frequency, interest rates, and life expectancy of the plaintiff.

A crucial feature shared between these systems is the Data Exchange ability. Notes, files, contacts, referrals and case statuses can be exchanged seamlessly between insurance adjusters and independent medical practices. This ensures consistency and harmony with every party involved in the case.

SmartSimple CMS360° from SmartSimpleSoftware

To download, please visit our SlideShare page.

Do you have any questions about SmartSimple and our case management systems? Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call our dedicated Support team at 1-866-239-0991 x 1.


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