SmartSimple's Best Practices and Lessons Learnt on... the Grant Application Process

We know that every organization is unique.

Based on years of feedback, we have learned several valuable lessons on how to create and maintain grants and research management solutions that are truly authentic to the needs of our clients.

We're publishing a series of blog posts to share these best practices and give you a better understanding of how your SmartSimple system works. This week, we're taking a look at the grant application process.

SmartSimple's Best Practices and Lessons Learnt on... the Online Grant Application Process

1. Use of a strong applicant profile greatly simplifies the information-gathering needs around a specific grant application.
It also greatly reduces the need for duplicate data entry. For instance, allowing the applicant to store all of their contact and organization information in the system means that their eligibility can be determined right away. Going forward, the only information entered relates directly to the actual application.

The above image shows how an applicants profile information is automatically attached to a grant application.

2. Always keep the results of eligibility questionnaires for each applicant.
By keeping results, you can analyze all applicant responses and determine how well the program fits against the community. This way, you can ensure that the eligibility criteria do not cast to wide or narrow a net.

3.Seeing the applicant’s draft application allows you to mentor the application process. 
By allowing all stakeholders to access relevant parts of a application and specific stages, feedback can be given at any point and not only when the application is submitted.

The above image highlights notes functionality that is used to facilitate communication during the application process.

4. Use an incremental application.
The use of an incremental application (i.e. an expression of interest that expands to a full application if approved) reduces work for the applicant and foundation staff.

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