Arthur's WikiPeeks - 11/27/13

In this series, Technical Community Support member Arthur Lathrop updates us on new and updated articles of interest in the SmartSimple Wiki! Read on to check out the latest Wiki news.

Company Roles
The Wiki entry for Company Roles is now complete for your perusal. Learn how to customize Company Roles in your system in any manner you see fit (e.g. name, caption, description, color coding, etc).

IRS and CRA lookup
Business Analyst Serkan Bilgi has prepared a page on implementing custom IRS and CRA lookup functionality.

Translation Import/Export
Business Analyst Lorena Ruiz has supplied instructions on the use of the Translation Import/Export functionality.

Two New Articles Under JavaScript Category
Two short articles have been added to the JavaScript Wiki category:

Using KML
Do you know the three ways that KML features can be used with SmartSimple? Want to more about how KML works? Find out more about the new KML functionality with this new Wiki page.

SmartSimple Upgrade Process – Dedicated Server
A new page has been prepared on the Upgrade Process for those using a Dedicated Server for their SmartSimple system.

Use a Button to Create a Level 2
This new page features instructions on how to create a button that creates Level 2 records from a Level 1 record.

What does this crazy term mean? Find out in this new Wiki article! (Hint: Javascript is involved.)

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