SmartSimple's 360 Software Series: Authentic Contact Relationship Management

You might have noticed that all of SmartSimple's software suites are named 360°. Why, you ask? We want to provide you, our clients, with a software solution that provides a full, holistic view of the relationships and processes that matter to your organization.

Contact relationship management (CRM) is an essential component of SmartSimple. Contacts can be internal, external, and adjusted to reflect their most current status (e.g. a new employer). You can create an unlimited number of relationship types as well.

Everything you need to track is done as a result of your contact’s interaction with the system. For instance, once an applicant uploads a financial statement, report, or meeting minutes to your system, you can easily identify those who belong to a given organization, and those who are associated with it.

The image below displays the applicant and organization attached to a sample grant application:

By clicking on the applicant's name, you’ll be directed to their profile where you can view vital information such as contact details and their associated organization.

From here, you can click the organization name to view their profile. The organization profile displays all associated contacts, activities, applications and more:

Google Map integration provides a fantastic geographic view of all your system’s contacts and related organizations.

Say you need to conduct a site visit for a client, and you’d like to view their location beforehand. All you need to do is click the street address in a contact or organization’s profile, and voila!  

You can even select the Street View tab for a more accurate look:

These features unite to provide the essence of our 360° software series: a full, 360° perspective in which you can view all records attached to a contact, and all contacts attached to a record. SmartSimple has curated this method of CRM to provide our clients with the most authentic and efficient way of managing their contacts and organizations.

Want to know more about SmartSimple's 360° software suite? Visit our main website, email us, or contact us at 1-866-239-0991. Be sure to check out the official SmartSimple Wiki for frequent news on system upgrades and features!


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