The Top 10 SmartSimple Blog Posts of 2013!

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on everything you've managed to accomplish during the previous 12 months. We've decided to take a look back on 2013 to bring you the ten biggest articles and most important announcements we've made on our blog!

10. Top 7 Qualities of an Ideal SmartSimple Candidate
At the start of the year, we put together a list of the seven most desirable traits of a successful SmartSimple candidate. We look for these qualities every time we welcome someone aboard the SmartSimple crew - do you have what it takes?

9. SmartSimple's Best Practices and Lessons Learnt on... the Grant Application Process
Based on years of feedback, SmartSimple has learned several valuable lessons on how to create and maintain a grants management solution that is truly authentic to the needs of our clients.

8. A Convenient Truth: 6 Reasons Why Your Grant Applications Need to Go Paperless
We live in an increasingly paperless world. Have your grant application processes caught up? We list six compelling reasons why you need to make the switch to digital - right now!

7. SmartSimple in New York City 
One of the biggest landmarks for SmartSimple in 2013 was opening our very first American office in the heart of New York City. We dedicated an entire blog series to interviewing those who were instrumental in our big move.

6. VASCO Data Security Named Leader in User Authentication
We were extremely proud to learn that our security partner, VASCO Data Security, was named a leader in User Authentication by the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

5. SmartSimple’s 5 Best Apps for Social Good
One of the biggest trends this year was the merge between social media and philanthropy. We're huge app lovers here at SmartSimple (try to catch one of us without our iPhone or Android device - you can't!), so we've thrown together five of the best mobile apps that help you do good with a few swipes of your screen.

4. Brian Lai Receives First SmartSimple Innovation Award 
2013 was a year of many firsts for SmartSimple. One of the most notable was the creation of the SmartSimple Innovation Award - a way of recognizing employees who discover new and innovative ways of using the platform to benefit our clients. 

3. Introducing SmartSimple’s New Upgrade Schedule
If we could have an arcade machine in the office, trust us, we'd leap at the chance. We're such old-school videogame nerds that we decided to create our brand new 2014-2016 upgrade schedule with two of the biggest gaming icons in history: Donkey Kong and Mario.

2. Cool Things to Do with Google Maps in SmartSimple
We love Google Maps. We love cool things. Ever since we introduced Google Map functionality into the SmartSimple platform, a blog post like this was inevitable. Check out our tips and tricks on getting the most of maps on your system!

1. 100% of Surveyed Foundations Recommend SmartSimple in New Idealware Report 
SmartSimple couldn't possibly measure its own success without the continued success of our clients. That's why we were so heartened and humbled to learn that 100% of SmartSimple-based founations who were surveyed by Idealware had recommended our grants management software, GMS360°.

Learn more about SmartSimple at our main website, contact us at, or contact us at 1-866-239-0991. Remember to check out our new support schedule hours for this holiday season!


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