SmartSimple Employee Spotlight - David Resnick

Our Employee Spotlight series will highlight a different member of the SmartSimple crew every week. Take some time to get to know the wonderful and diverse team behind the SmartSimple platform!

David Resnick is our Product Marketing Manager and has been working for SmartSimple since November 2011. As we begin a brand new year of new Employee Spotlight interviews, David tells us his best productivity tip, his favourite book, and a peek into his international past.

Productivity tip:
The number of hours in a day is one of the few things we can be certain about. So, looking at the impact of a task/project-to-time ratio is crucial. It is also beneficial to take on a holistic view, in prioritizing a given project or task according to a wider context, as well as related dependencies.

Of course, asking for help when needed is a must.

What is your favourite part about working for SmartSimple?
The people, the pace, and the constant innovation.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy running and reading.

What is your favourite movie or book?
The book that has had the greatest impact on my thinking is The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. I definitely need to read it again. V for Vendetta has been my favourite movie for a very long time.

What is the one thing you couldn't live without?
Questions, original ideas, and thoughts.

Random fact about you that most people wouldn't know:
I was born in South Africa and lived in London for a year as a child.

Personal quote:
"Rules are made for the people, and not the individual."

Want to know more about SmartSimple and the team behind it? Visit our main website, email us at or contact us at 1-866-239-0991. Check back next week for another installment of SmartSimple's Employee Spotlight!


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