March 2015 Upgrade Features

Happy (almost!) spring everyone, and welcome to our upgrades for March, 2015. We have some great new functionality this round, so let’s get right to it!

New List View for Invoices
We’ve extended the modern list view function, and it’s now available for invoices. This will be of particular interest to IMEs, as this enhancement to the invoicing area of the system now provides greater control options over their list views. Invoices can now be viewed in greater detail, offers improved tracking, and the ability to see what you want, when you want.

Personal Filters on Personal List Views
Now you have the ability to add your own personal filters to personal list views. This option provides greater flexibility and additional control over how you view your information. Simply go to System Views and click into the Personal Views option to set up your information how you’d prefer to see it displayed. You can also tie your personal list view to the search option for even greater personalization.
View List Button means easier navigation.

Arcadia Navigation for Home List View
A new View List button has been created within object views in Arcadia. This means it’s now faster and easier to navigate between list views in your system.

Configured Upgrade Options
The next three enhancements are available in your SmartSimple system, but you’ll need the help of your System Administrator to make them live. You can also contact SmartSimple’s Support Team if you require assistance.

Multiple Column View
In addition to the ability to personalize your SmartSimple screen view in Arcadia X, we’ve added the option for you to decide how many columns you want, what information should be displayed and how large or small you want them to be. This is available in any portal for any user, so your entire community benefits from this enhancement.
Organize your columns your way.

Everyone can organize their view of SmartSimple in the way that’s most intuitive to them, showing the data they use most often in the format they choose. Even if a user has multiple portals, each portal can have its columns arranged uniquely and independently. So, for example, if you’re a reviewer and a board member for an organization, your two portals can look completely different based on how you want to view the information for each role.

Combined Portal View
Speaking of users with multiple roles, our new Combined Portal View offers those with multiple portal accesses the option to see all their portals on one screen. Rather than needing to toggle between screens, your users can configure their view of SmartSimple to incorporate as few or as many fields from each portal on one page.
View multiple portals on one screen.

Sign-up Page Email Confirmation Option

Our final upgrade feature for March is our enhanced Sign-up Page. Now, when someone new registers with your organization, they can be asked to enter their email a second time to confirm the information is accurate. This is an industry best practice that helps ensure accuracy, so no communications are lost due to an incorrect email address.

We’ll be hosting webinars to give you the opportunity to see these enhancements in action and ask questions of our SmartSimple experts. Visit our events page to register. More information can also be found on our Wiki, and stay tuned for our March upgrade video to be posted to our YouTube channel early next week.


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