Situation Critical – SmartSimple’s Escalation Line

Quick – what does 501 mean to you?

If you’re a SmartSimple client and said your favorite pair of jeans, you’d be technically right, but you’d also be missing a very important reference. In SmartSimple speak, 501 is our emergency phone extension for critical and high impact issues.

“Being available to our clients whenever they need support is a vital part of our Service Level Agreement,” says Sarah Harris, Director, Client Support and Operations.

 “As a global company, we know our clients operate in a wide range of time zones and often require support outside of our own regular business hours,” continues Sarah. “By creating our 501 phone line, we ensure clients experiencing critical system issues could speak to a systems expert, anytime, day or night. The 501 line is the companion to our critical email address. The difference is, by using the phone line you have the opportunity to speak with an expert immediately.”

When should I use the 501 Critical Line?
The 501 Critical Line is designated for Level 1 and Level 2 issues only. These are emergency, critical and high impact conditions that may arise outside of our regular support hours, but require immediate attention.

“By dialing our 501 extension from SmartSimple’s main number, you are immediately connected with our on-call systems expert,” Sarah continues. “As soon as they receive your call, they will take action to find a resolution.”

SmartSimple's tiered support structure to help our clients when they need us.
Keep in mind, this extension is for critical issues only. If you use the line for non-critical support issues, there may be a penalty fee charged. This makes sure that our on-call representative is only engaged for issues that are truly emergencies. All Level 3 and Level 4 situations can safely go through our regular support channels during regular support hours.”

Support Structure
To help you better understand what is considered a critical or high impact condition, we created a ranking system describing what each level of support entails:

Tier 1 – Emergency or Critical Condition: A Tier 1 situation requires immediate attention and resolution because your server is unresponsive, there is a security issue, major system failure or critical business processes aren't working.

Tier 2 – High Impact Condition: Tier 2 situations mean that there is a serious problem with how your software is functioning for the majority of your users, and can include impaired system functions or certain processes aren't working.

Tier 3 – Medium Impact Condition: Tier 3 means a particular system function isn’t operating the way it should, there is a risk of system failure or minor components of your system are not working as they should be.

Tier 4 – Low Impact Condition: Tier 4 covers minor problems that don’t affect normal operations and there is no overall impact to your system or regular business operations.

How to Reach SmartSimple Support
For critical issues, you can reach us 24/7/365 via our critical condition email or by phone at 1.866.239.0991, ext. 501. Please listen carefully to the instructions in the recorded message before proceeding with your call.

If you need help with the day to day use of your system, are interested in how to set up a new feature or have an idea for a future enhancement, You can reach our Support team between 5am and 9pm EST via email, by phone at 1.866.239.0991, ext. 1 or through your Community Portal.

More information, including upcoming webinars and events, are also available on our website.


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