Ending Conflict with Empathy - SmartSimple Sponsors Conference in London, England

Each year, The British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences holds a series of conferences in London, England. These conferences provide opportunities for leading and emerging scholars to discuss innovative themes in the humanities and social sciences with significant academic impact.

Earlier this month, The Academy hosted the highly topical conference Empathy Neuroscience: Translational Relevance for Conflict Resolution. Specialists in the fields of neurology, psychology, psychiatry, communications, international affairs and cognitive sciences gathered to discuss this dynamic, new theory for conflict resolution in the Middle East. SmartSimple was honored to sponsor the reception held at the end of the first day of the conference.

Conference attendees at the SmartSimple sponsored reception

"There is a great deal of research happening in the neuroscience of empathy,” says Haifa Staiti, Gather Fellow, Seeds of Peace, and one of the conference organizers. “At the same time,  peacebuilding is an active and long standing field, but this was the first time the two fields were brought together to exchange knowledge and insights.”

Over the two day conference, experts discussed topics that included the latest research in empathy neuroscience, translating empathy in clinical settings to practices in  conflict resolution and the relevance of empathy neuroscience to the Middle East conflict. “The hope is that by bringing neuroscience and psychology to peace-building we can help organizations develop evidence based tools and interventions that have a higher chance of affecting change and making impact on building peace in conflict regions" she adds.

“We really appreciated that SmartSimple hosted our reception the first evening. This was a great opportunity for the delegates to discuss the presentations and exchange ideas and views in a comfortable and casual setting,” Haifa says.

“It was a honour for our company to be, in some small way, part of this amazing initiative” says Mike Reid, COO of SmartSimple. “The world always needs more empathy and dialogue and it’s our job as human beings to act on that.”

SmartSimple is the industry leader in grants and research management systems, currently in use by family foundations, community trusts, scientific research granting organizations and other philanthropic entities. You can learn more about us on the SmartSimple website.


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