Community Conference 2014 Summary: Your Data in the Cloud

This blog series will summarize the presentations from this year’s SmartSimple Community Conference.

SmartSimple’s Systems Controller Chin Chuah presented “Your Data in the Cloud” for our clients in all vertical markets.

This presentation defined cloud hosting, digitizing information, security around the cloud, and the future of data storage.

Benefits of the cloud include fast setup and maintenance, on-demand resources, and lower costs. It's also highly reliable; hosting providers are specialized knowledge experts and there is a greater variety of and access to resources inherent to resource pooling.

As SmartSimple is a cloud-hosted platform, Chin briefly went over the details of our platform's security. SmartSimple maintains a CSAE3416 (SSAE16) third party assurance audit, and have recently completed PCI DSS. More details are available in the PowerPoint presentation (link below).

SmartSimple data is backed up daily, with optional incremental backups archived for 90 days. Our physical servers are housed in Toronto, Canada, while our cloud hosting is based in various parts of the United States (and Ireland for our European clients).

For more of Chin's presentation on cloud and data storage, view or download the PowerPoint file from Slideshare:

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