A Pinch of This, and a Dash of That – The SmartSimple Recipe for Board Support

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, SmartSimple regularly fields requests and queries from clients looking to improve efficiencies and streamline their work. These calls offer great insight into features we consider adding to improve our products for everyone, and are often the basis of our bi-monthly upgrade offerings.

For example, one of our Grants Management GMS360o solution users called, asking if there was a way they could use SmartSimple to help administer their board management process. They were using another program – which wasn’t ideal – and wondered if there was something we could do to help.

Presented with a new opportunity to “wow” a client, we decided to see what kind of solution we could provide.

We already had all the ingredients needed to build board books in GMS360o via the Universal Tracking ApplicationTM (UTATM). No new coding was needed, just a little mixing and blending (then bake at 375o until golden…) to configure what our client needed.

After a bit of culinary ingenuity, we created functionality that the client was extremely pleased with. In fact, after sharing it with several other clients – and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response – it’s now a standard option for all our GMS360o users.

SmartSimple Board Books offers pretty much everything other board books software does. That’s a serious advantage for organizations who don’t want to invest in a separate product to monitor and track their board activities!

To give you a peek into what the SmartSimple Board Books feature can do, check out our video:

The best part is there’s no additional cost and you don’t have to download anything new – everything is already included and ready to go!

Still have questions? Check out the Board Management brochure on our website or request a demo of what our software can do.


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