Learning Together – ORCID’s Research Funding Webinar

Most organization use more than one tool to meet their operational requirements. It takes a balance of several tools that seamlessly integrate to create a complete solution.  That’s why SmartSimple – as a provider of research management software – was excited to attend a recent webinar presented by ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), a fellow member of the research management community.

By linking up with organizations like ORCID, we provide applicants and researchers with options such as the ability to import their profiles directly into SmartSimple, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

The webinar, hosted in conjunction with the Health Research Alliance, was entitled Why Research Funders are using ORCID Identifiers. This informative session focused on how funders are using ORCID identifiers in their workflows and systems, and featured presentations by leaders at private and public funding organizations in the U.S. and Europe.

Webinar: Why research funders are using ORCID identifiers September 25th 2014 from Rebecca Bryant on Vimeo.

Attendees also learned why funders are integrating ORCID identifiers into common CV platforms, mandating their use during grant submissions. These identifiers are then used to improve tracking and evaluation of applications.

Who is ORCID?
ORCID is a non-proprietary registry service for researchers to obtain a unique identifier to distinguish themselves from other contributors. This is particularly helpful for those who have a common name, have changed their name, or have multiple name variations.  ORCID works with funders and other research organizations to integrate these identifiers into research workflows and systems such as grant applications, publication submissions and other research documentation. 

Who is the Health Research Alliance?
Founded in 1998, The Health Research Alliance fosters collaboration among not-for-profit and non-governmental funders to support health research and training from biomedical science applications that advance health.

Interested to know more?
If you missed out, and are interested in learning more about the advantages of using ORCID identifiers, you can visit the ORCID website.


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