Stepping Back to Jump Forward

Every so often, one of our clients brings us a challenge that’s not only interesting but, like dropping a pebble in a pool of water, has a ripple effect that benefits the entire SmartSimple community.

Take, for example, a request from one of our major retail clients. We’ve been working with this organization for many years and across several initiatives. Recently, they came to us with an interesting conundrum, giving us the opportunity to see what kind of innovative solution our team could come up with.

As a foundation-based charity, they needed the ability to provide not only unique branding, but distinct entry points into the same copy of SmartSimple.

The reason?

Multiple funders were contributing resources to one major initiative, so the website could not be branded for any one company. Because their partners were also well recognized brands, there was a need to somehow create several “aliases”; distinct entry points into the same instance of SmartSimple, but appearing to the donor to be completely autonomous.

Always motivated by the chance to flex our creative muscles, we jumped at the prospect, eager to see what kind of resolution we could come up with.

Ironically, it was by going back in our history that we found the answer for the future.

By reviewing some of the coding we’d constructed in our early days, we realized that – with a few simple tweaks – we could create multiple aliases for one instance of our software. That meant different people could access the same copy of SmartSimple using a variety of URLs without identifying any one particular company as the owner.

And, as an extra added bonus, it didn’t cost our client a dime.

Once we configured the solution, we realized the coding was easily adaptable; all our clients could use it, particularly those in the multiple foundation market and for corporate clients, where different initiatives require different access and views (for example, a foundation versus their employee giving program versus volunteering opportunities, or a firm that manages a multitude of trust funds).

Interested in finding out more about this option and what it could do for you? Give us a call or visit our website to request a demo! We’re love to show off this great new feature!


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