January 2015 Upgrade Features

SmartSimple is getting the year off to an exciting start with our first round of upgrade features. These latest enhancements will be accessible to our SaaS clients as of Friday, January 30, 2015.
Arcadia Before

Enhanced Arcadia Interface
We’ve made several changes to the Arcadia interface this time around, streamlining your experience with SmartSimple. Full details will be covered during our upgrade webinar, on our Wiki and in our upgrade video.
Arcadia After

Enhanced Recurring Event Updates in the SmartSimple Calendar
We’ve enhanced your SmartSimple calendar, offering more options for updating recurring events. Quickly and easily add a new attendee, change a meeting location or time, or update a dial-in number. 

Adjustable Column Width Screen
Adjustable List View Column Widths
This enhancement enables users to go to any list view and adjust the width of any column.

Enhanced Duplicate Check for Additional Fields
We’ve enhanced the duplicate checking feature so you now have even more options to look for duplicate information in your system.

New Statuses for Organizations and Contacts
Like assigning statuses to grant applications, you can now assign statuses to any organization or contact within your system.

Enhanced Custom List View Export
We’ve enhanced the list view functionality with the ability to specify custom export templates, allowing for greater flexibility and making it easier to export.
Custom List View Export Screen

New Import Interface for Auto Loader Imports
Now, you can process and preview your file before you import it, providing the option to refine what data will be included and how it will appear before importing.

Versioning – Beta Test
This feature is available for beta testing, to provide you with a sneak peak at this upcoming enhancement. We encourage you to take a look and let us know what you think. Your feedback is extremely valuable in helping us develop exactly what your organization needs!

We’ll be holding a special webinar to share the full abilities and capabilities of this feature and a separate instructional video to help you take full advantage of everything Versioning can do.

Be sure to check out our Wiki for more details. You can also attend one of our upcoming webinars, as well as view our latest video, to be posted to our YouTube channel next week, for more information.

You can also give us a call, toll-free, at 1-866-239-0991, email our Support Team directly at support@smartsimple.com, or get in touch via our Community Portal from your SmartSimple system.


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